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As humans, we've evolved babe. The way we create is different. Things are easier, lighter and more fun now. It's like we're living a totally new world using an old operating system. Remember when we didn't have computers and now we do? Remember when we didn't have wifi, and now it is everywhere. This new way to create our dream world feels magical and amazing. There's a completely new way to create magic, miracles and incredible experiences in your life, and we're so excited to walk with you on this journey every step of the way. Let's spend deep, rich magical time together, to LOVE you more, so you get to create from LOVE versus fear. Imagine how much more amazing every step of your journey will feel as you MOVE through this immersion process.

Samantha's depth of knowledge on all
levels of mind, body, metaphysical,
spiritual, money and more is
beyond anyone I’ve ever met!


Karissa's ability to see beyond your stories and into the truth of each conversation is not only an effective coaching method... but truly a gift. Transformation is inevitable with her methodology and insight.

Mia Grey

Business creations gets to be playful and feel amazing inside.


Imagine creating your business and life from the state of flow. Together we tune into a completely new way to create life and reality. When we take time to feel amazing in our bodies, we create a world that feels magical and amazing. Rather than chasing a goal, we fall in love with the journey and watch as love and magic blossoms right in front of us.

When you take time to feel magical and amazing while you create your life and business, you attract even more amazing people and opportunities.

The Universe is a feedback mechanism and will mirror back to you beauty, love and miracles when you initiate this energy in yourself first.

You'll find yourself organically creating more opportunities, more connections, more business, more sales from the space of overflowing goodness and love. This is a very special mastermind space that we get to co-create together. Feeling the hearts of your sisters light up every day around you, creates the space for the most magical adventure.

What is the NEW STANDARD you are creating for your LIFE?

Personal + Business Worlds.


When your life is fueled with LOVE and positive emotions, you naturally become more productive. This energy also allows your work to be more creative and sustainable.

Innovation flows in when you are incredibly in LOVE with your life. Your clients FEEL this LOVE radiating from you and you become magnetic simply by being yourself.


We are more powerful together. People are meant to role in packs. It's so much more fun to create wealth together. We get to play together, share together, grow together.


It's so funny we had a private mentorship client mention, it's not fun to have a private jet all to yourself. You want to have friends to share this with. I truly believe that having gorgeous amazing goddess friends to play and glow up together makes business creation that much more fun and magical in every single way! 

The way goddesses turn each other on, is they create the continuous momentum to keep each other lit up, inspired and creating life from LOVE. 

We get to do business radically different than the rest of the world. Feel into tuning into feminine energetics that feels amazing while you create. You get to be replenished and filled up with every step you take. This all begins from the internal conversations that you have with yourself.

The TEACHINGS behind the Magic.

Whether you chose the 3 month, 6 month or 12 month journey, you'll have FULL access to the ONLINE teaching portals. Imagine how your life will feel as you release the scarcity frequencies and turn ON the wealth & prosperity portals in ALL areas of your Universe. We get excited just feeling into how you'll feel and how everyone around you will also feel.

M1: The Space

Walking through your home, office, car and all the gorgeous spaces in your world, we'll raise the energetics to tune up each space to be in flow and alignment with the life that you are creating and designing for who you are becoming.

M2: The Written Word

Your texts, emails, social media content and contracts all have an energy and a feeling sensation. Together we'll tune into the vibration of your written word so that it feels emotionally powerful. As you continue to practice writing words that are backed by the energetics of fierce love, you'll find that you receive different results in life. Powerful energy words create powerful energy results. The Universe is always matching your energetic state.

M3: The Inner Narrative

What is the story you are telling about yourself. The story you say to yourself creates your reality. Together we'll choose better stories to tell yourself. In this process, you'll find that your body feels more fueled and energized which results in attracting better clients, better situations and more amazing results in your every day life.

M4: Energizing Relationships

Gorgeous, loving, good feeling relationships in your life is the building blocks to all of the magic. As you infuse energy and magic into all of your relationships, watch as your quality of life sky rockets and opportunities open for you from all over the world.

M5: The Emotional Conversation

Your emotions send out a vibration to the Universe. People feel your energy and thoughts even before you enter a room. Together we'll fine tune your force field to radiate even happier, wealthier, and more attractive feelings, emotions and thoughts. By practicing this new way of thinking and feeling, you attract a completely different universe of experiences.

M6: The Power of Projections

It's natural for people to project old identities on to you while you're evolving. This energy can keep you stuck. Together we can create strategies to support you with cleaning up this old energy blueprints to give you space to evolve into the new you. When you take the lead in the narrative and the story, you allow yourself to powerfully move forward rather than be held back by other people's projections of who you are. 

In this module we also tune into how you can project better thoughts on to the people around you to create even happier and more harmonious experiences in life.

M7: The Business Evolution

As you grow and evolve, your business grows and evolves. What you're in love with evolves. The way you like to do things evolve. When you take time to truly clean up your business energetics, you're able to create a business that is more in alignment to the flow of who you currently are. 

M8: Flow & Feminine Energetics

The feminine energy is the spontaneous life force of surprises. It's colorful, it's magical and it feels amazing. It's dancing, singing, playing, soul expressing. Together we'll tap into ways to activate the feminine to actualize your dreams and desires. Learning to tune into your feminine energy allows you to work feeling more fueled, creative and empowered. 

M9: Structure & Masculine Energetics

The Masculine Energetics is the structure and consistency in your flow. When you know which actions to take daily to allow your feminine energy to feel safe and grounded, you ground in your vision, dreams and desires into this dimension of the world. In order for your business to thrive, grounded 3D action gets to take place here. These powerful actions allow you to thrive and your business to thrive.


There is an energy of a woman who is on the RISE. The spiral of energy moving upward it what creates magic and miracles in your Universe. Imagine being with a group of women who LOVE you into a completely new universe. Every day we get to tune UP into a world of UP UP AND UP. Thriving is an energy that magnetizes and attracts incredible magic to you.

M11: Both AND Energetics

As you're expanding, we get to stretch the falling in love with BOTH AND. You can take a vacation AND receive money. You can see a client or team member upset and still stay in LOVE. You can observe a "negative" experience in your business and still stay feeling good and IN LOVE with you. You can see your partner go through a hard experience and still stay in LOVE with you. Both AND is a powerful energy that supports you in staying grounded and positive while the external around you shifts and changes.

M12: The Ever Unfolding Rose

As you continue this process of BLOSSOMING even more LOVE, you get to see how your life continues to open and unfold. This is where we get to see how the Universe takes us to a place even better than we can imagine. As we open up to MORE LOVE, we'll see how more amazing opportunities keep opening up for you and all of us. 

Karissa Dean

Karissa guides fellow dreamers to find their inner light and thrive through all stages of their lives. As the former Head Coach at AB Coached, she nurtures authentic relationships with her clients and empowers them to step into their power. After going through coaching, Karissa chose to boldly redesign her life and become a coach herself—proving that you really can radically transform your life with the right tools. She’s also an in-demand speaker, hosting mindfulness workshops for companies like Reserve Bar, Living Room Realty, eXp Realty, Walter Scott Wines, and Designer Network NY/LA.

Karissa  uses The A.R.C Approach ™, as the exclusive methodology in her coaching sessions with clients who want to improve their well-being and business performance. The approach is unique and helps clients unlock their potential by exploring and becoming aware of certain behaviors that either support or hinder their growth. Clients are then held accountable for their actions, which create their reality and open the door to receiving what is possible. Through receptivity, clients continue to create their new realities and deeper connections with themselves and others in their community. The A.R.C. Approach™ allows for a continuous cycle of awareness, reflection, and creation, which leads to intentional living and better outcomes.

As a mother and a wife, Karissa understands the challenges of being a support system for many. She leverages lessons from her life in addition to her training expertise to lead her busy and in-demand clients toward the clarity and confidence they seek. Throughout her career journey, Karissa has worn many hats—from teaching dance and early education to owning and operating her property management business, operating a trucking business, and holding her contractor's license. She’s also a social-emotion learning facilitator and registered Yoga teacher through Breathe for Change. 

Karissa is completing her ICF certification with Momentum Education.

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, she graduated with a BA in Dance and a minor in entrepreneurship and psychology. She now lives in Portland with her husband, daughter, three dogs, and three horses. When she isn't coaching her amazing clients or teaching meditation, Karissa can be found in nature with horses, traveling, or with her nose in a juicy novel! 

Samantha Blossom

Samantha teaches and coaches entrepreneurs, business owners & visionaries to create from the flow state. Using her background in traditional Chinese Medicine, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Reiki, Hypnosis, Positive Psychology, BodyTalk, Accunect and a modality she created called The Quantum Particle she guides her clients to the fastest and most efficient route to their own spontaneous healing and empowerment. 

Through her unique blend of healing modalities, Samantha has supported thousands of clients with spontaneous body healing, increased productivity, enhanced creativity, improved relationships by teaching clients how to work in flow with the Universe and life force energy.

Her experience with owning a yoga studio and wellness center in downtown Vancouver, WA for several years supported her in deepening her awareness of building close community relationships. Through this experience, birthed leadership skills for the yoga studio team, leadership in the community as well a deeper awareness of how mindset effects the results in what you create in life and in business.

Samantha is the co-author of The Mandarin Tree: Manifest Joy, Luck, and Magic with Two Asian American Mystics

Born in Portland, Oregon, raised in Vancouver, WA her undergrad is in biochemistry and studied Chinese Medicine for several years in Shanghai, China. Her mom is from Taiwan so she has been traveling the world since she was a baby. She is a mom of two dogs and one kitty. In her free time you can find her reading books, writing books, singing, dancing, writing songs and exploring the world.

What’s included in your 3-6-12
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The STANDARD mastermind experience:

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Are you ready to turn on bliss, wealth & magic?



Together we are walking through the journey of your life. Piece by piece we are shifting out the frequency of scarcity, need, seriousness, worry and anxiety. We are replacing all the areas of life with LOVE, light, positive energy and fueling your world to feel so much happier in every way.

This is the NEW SUCCESS. Success that feels incredibly joyous in your body. We are turning on a new frequency of self love and love for others in this process. 

As we journey together, you'll find faster and more efficient ways to connect with and tune into your Spirit. You'll find more intuitive ways to do the same things.

Over time, each and every area of your life will feel more growth oriented, more efficient and streamlined as well as more blissed out.


Karissa & Samantha are so honored to get to go on this journey with you. Thank you for choosing us as your guides! This is a very sacred & special process to us and we hold each and every one of you close and dear to our hearts.

Our Connection to the World


When YOU feel happy & magical, the world around you also feels happy and magical. The STANDARD is a movement to inspire people to embrace their own evolution, feel easier with change, and choose happiness over tension and stress. 

Imagine the ripple effect in your friend circles and on the planet. 

Each day that we choose happiness and positive feelings, we are sending a ripple effect of goodness on to the planet. We learn to more quickly learn and process from our heavier and darker emotions as they serve us as well. And we more quickly find ourselves tuning back into the frequency of LOVE & miracles & magic.

3 months


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Ready for Magic!

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The Magic!

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The Bliss!

12 months


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Better than I can Imagine!

The World desires your unique genius & magic


wants you to feel magical & amazing at the same time.

To experience radical results in our life, it requires radical change and an incredibly NEW way of seeing & feeling the world. We're so excited to step into this next chapter of your life with you and OPEN this portal to pure absolute abundance. You deserve to feel this good and this amazing in every way. Welcome to your new Universe.



Samantha & Karissa