My Journey

The journey that I’ve explored to access all of these gems and tools that I bring to you has been one with lots of growth and challenges, as I am sure that many Spiritual teachers experience.  It’s as if we have to go through the fire ourselves and share with you that it’s indeed possible to get to the other side.

I’ve been seeking Spirituality for as far back as I can remember.

When I was 3 years old I remember saying to myself,

"Remember why you’re here.

Don’t forget this time.”


I remember often simply finding myself saying this phrase to myself, and while I wasn’t completely sure what it meant, I did know that I was searching for something. When I was 6 years old I read the entire children’s Bible and every religion class I was sitting there on the edge of my seat, waiting to hear something that rang true and profound.

I was in Catholic school for over 12 years of my life intermingled with many hours of Buddhist training courses that my mother had brought me to.

My first mystical experience was when I was 9 years old. 

I remember meditating for at least an hour before bed and I had fallen asleep. During my dream space I saw a giant blue Buddha and I was sitting on his palm very tiny.

He showed me multiple universes and said, ‘Remember everything I showed you”.

Funny because the moment I woke up I remember thinking, ‘Darnit, I forgot everything He showed me.” lol.

I had one more mystical experience like that as a young child. I was in a group of 5 people and we were all boosting each other up these very huge and large stairs made of pure gold. The gold was so soft that our feet would bend the gold a little bit. When I got to the top, I saw Shakyamuni Buddha rising up like the Sun. There were several Buddhas in a large gorgeous open concept temple where everyone was laughing, celebrating, dancing and the most gorgeous music was playing in the background. Shakyamuni Buddha had come to speak dharma and everyone was super joyous.

These two mystical experiences felt so real.

Even now I can picture it as if I was in the exact scene. Years later I had found that the blue Buddha that I saw was The Medicine Buddha and that the scene that I had seen with the golden stairs was just like the Pure Land that they had spoken about in Buddhist scriptures. I had later seen Tibetan Buddhist art and paintings that looked just like my dream.

I had such a fire to learn about this connection with the Divine. 

I remember reading every spiritual book I could find and spending hours reading all of the astrology books at Barnes & Noble and Powell’s Bookstore.

None of this gave me an actual experience though.

My first healing Session.

It wasn’t until 2008 in my early twenties. I was living in Shanghai, China studying acupuncture and Chinese medicine. In my second year of school I became really sick. I was coughing blood and was diagnosed with bronchitis. I couldn’t lay down for more than 2 hours at a time because the fluid would block my breathing passages. I remember crying and feeling hopeless. I had tried every recommended western doctor, Chinese medicine doctor and acupuncturist. There were moments when I literally thought that maybe I was just going to die. If you’ve ever had a moment when your lung Qi was weak, you’ll know how I was feeling. When your lung energy is low, it’s so easy to get really depressed and sad.

Luckily I was surrounded by amazing people and incredible friends. I had a friend suggest that I try an energy healing session. I had never experienced one before. I went to a woman named Mabel. She was 60+ but looked like she was in her 20’s or 30’s. It was actually quite an incredible experience. She gave me a 4 hour energy transmission and this was the very first time that I felt waves of energy flowing through my body. I honestly had no idea what to make of it.

After this moment though, I felt energy. I was able to breathe again and I felt better than I had for months. She gave me some breathing exercises and mantras which I practiced every day and when I went home that night I started to spontaneously channel. I saw bright lights in my room and felt the most amazing and magical energy healing my body. It was like the energy wiring of my body was being upgraded and adjusted. I would feel tickly sensations all up and down my arms all night while I slept. Very quickly, I was completely better and I never had that level of dis-ease again.

Of course after this, I had to learn and study from every single energy healer and teacher that I could find. I studied from teachers from Shanghai, Singapore, Japan, Ireland, the UK, Australia, Taiwan, and all over the US. I really made it my life’s passion to find the fastest route for healing for myself and for all of my clients.

In my practice I’ve seen many miracles happen for my clients. A few miracles that I’ve been witness to are brain tumors completely going away. Not a single trace in an MRI scan. A client that completely healed from the West Nile Virus while being fully plugged into a life support machine. I’ve had dozens of clients who had difficulty with fertility and even tried in vitro that have been able to have gorgeous amazing super healthy and brilliant children with just a few sessions.

Money World

After having so much success with transforming the energetics of people’s bodies, I shifted gears.  I decided to study everything I could about Money Energetics. 

I would have these incredible healers come to me, struggling with getting their practices going and making money.  Some part of them always felt bad about charging and had a hard time attracting clients.

I felt like in order for the world to understand that there was this gorgeous beautiful medicine out there, I had to find a way to support healers with charging more, and feeling safe and comfortable with being paid well, so that they could continue their art.

I knew that if our planet was to make a shift, we’d have to empower the healers. So I spent years studying about Money Energetics starting with working with Margaret M. Lynch with Emotional Freedom Techniques. Then with Melanie Ann Layer and Amanda Frances.

Magical Manifestations

Through working in the money world, I’ve seen some very magical money manifestations.  I’ve seen clients go from selling $100 offers to receiving $500,000 a month consistently.  Clients that have had a few sessions on their Business Matrix and vibe in an additional $1.4 million dollar client. 

A client who sold her home for a million over asking price.  Another client who went from $10 million a year to making a $10 million dollar month.

I’ve also seen massage therapists have their practices fully booked and coaches move from charging $300 sessions to successfully selling $30,000 programs. It’s always amazing to feel the excitement from my clients as these miracles fly in. 

This is simply them working more consciously with the Divine.

Business World

In 2015 I ventured into opening a yoga studio and wellness center.
  This was a 4 year project and potentially the hardest 4 years of my life. It created the most amazing and gorgeous community, but I was tired and exhausted every day. I felt like overnight I was the mom of 20 yoga teachers and an entire community.

I had purchased an already existing center that had 2 previous owners. At the time, I didn’t realize that when you purchase something that already has its own momentum, it makes it much more difficult to have your own vision and intention field flow through. The space was over 3400 sq. ft. and I had to clean more than I’d ever had to clean in my life. lol. On top of that, my role shifted into management instead of being able to fully share my teachings. It was indeed an experience.

Through this I learned so much.

I saw the behind the scenes energetics for business owners. I realized that business owners hold so much energy and they don’t even realize how much energy they are holding. They are stabilizing the energy engine of their business while also managing all of the energy of clients, marketing, organizing the background pieces of business and so much more.

This turned on the drive inside of me to find the best energetic solutions for business owners and entrepreneurs. I felt that we needed our leaders to be loved on and taken care of to get to the next level. So I dived into business creation studies from many teachers and experimented in my own way.

  • In this work I’ve seen Business Owner clients erase years of tension and stress from their face and bodies. There’s simply a softness and a lightness to them.
  • I’ve seen entrepreneurs move into a more feminine approach with business creation and seeing their bodies and faces light up while in business.
  • I’ve seen businesses be able to scale and expand because they were more able to see the energetics behind what was happening.

It’s always an incredible joy to feel the happiness of these business owners and entrepreneurs come to the awakening that they get to feel amazing and thrive - all at the same time.

That business booming doesn’t mean self sacrifice or exhaustion or burnt out.

It can feel like win win win.

Empowering LIT UP Queens and Kings in their Body, Money & Business Worlds. 

It took me several years to come to this tagline.  Lol.  I kept feeling like I had to just pick one and niche down.  But in my practice, these 3 pieces just kept coming up to be worked on with my clients.

To me the body piece is essential. Through BodyTalk we repair a lot with the internal communication highway. Once this is repaired, a person needs to know what they were doing that was breaking down this internal communication in the first place. This is where Human Design and Gene Keys comes in for each person to be working more in accordance with their authentic design and Aura. Human Design and Gene Keys are such powerful tools to teach you how to come back to yourself and truly express and engage with the world in a way that is aligned to you.

On a body level, when someone feels good and amazing in their body, they naturally make incredible decisions and do powerful things. This is why I feel like this piece is essential for leaders of all kinds.

The money world is also entangled in people’s physical and emotional bodies.  You’d be surprised how much people’s physical bodies can heal when they work on their money programs.  This ease and lightness that happens for them in their facial expressions and their body.  Money is the fuel for your business so this is such a key foundation in my work with clients.

Business is the expression of the Spirit. This is how you engage with the world and create impact. Every person on their spiritual journey at some point wants to create change for others. I feel passionately that business is such a beautiful vehicle for this. If it were up to me I would always call a business an enterprise so that we’re entering a prize instead of creating more busy-ness. Eventually I’m sure we’ll evolve to new words and expressions.

I decided that Queens and Kings was a really luxurious way to speak to my people.  I want the leaders to feel loved, nourished, rich and wealthy inside and out.  Whether they feel it now or they are in the process of embodying it.

I see them owning that they have a powerful purpose and mission here. They are ready and willing to make big ripples of change on the planet. They know that their incredible self love and self care is the energy that will ripple out to the people around them. They want to organically and naturally be able to be generous.

This means being generous with yourself first, 
so that you have charged up energy to share with others.

Thank you,

for reading these words and moving through this journey with me.

I’m truly soul excited that we found each other and it is my greatest joy and bliss to be able to share wisdom, up-vibe, co-create and evolve together.

My intention is to support you in collapsing time so that you can arrive with even more joy and ease.

Because it's about the journey... and at the same time, you’re already there.

Now you get to see feel it and see it.

Excited to journey with you!


Samantha Blossom