Samantha Blossom Healing Session

Loving on all of my bff clients ♥ thank you for making my world Soul Magical...

Abi Levine

Hypnotherapist, L.A.

Absolutely one of my most joyous clients. I feel absolutely soul honored to get to work with this Divine Goddess Light. Just updating a few ancestral programs, and lots of new energetics were able to unfold for her world. I would highly recommend her as a Hypnotherapist. Voted Best Hypnotherapist in LA several years in a row. Check out her incredibly powerful content at Thank you for being in my world Abi! Soul grateful for you... xoxo


Dan Mendilow

High Performance Guide

Dan is a super intuitive soul guide that supports people with accessing their peak performance.  I worked with Dan just before one of the biggest 3 day events of his life.  When I saw him his energy levels were low, his body was tense and he was feeling all the feelings that a high performer feels when they are just up-level and enter into a whole new world of success. 

Powerfully Receiving

It’s so normal to feel these feelings as you’re beginning to become an even more powerful receiver.  We fully rebooted his energy body, did a full hydration and brought him back into calmness and peace in his body.  The energetic matrix of his event was also updated so that everyone could feel calm and present during the event.  Several things that initially felt stressful, began to fall into place and Dan was able to access his personal portal into HyperPresence and had a brilliant event that was life changing for so many people.

Jessica Miklas

Orgasmic Oracle

Jessica came to me as an astrology and BodyTalk practitioner and now she has evolved into an Orgasmic Oracle. It has been so amazing to see how much she has grown and evolved over the years. We worked together in some foundational pieces in cleaning up and clearing out old contract and agreements that were holding her back from accessing her own power. 

The Evolution

In our time together, she was able to leave a relationship and job that was no longer aligned for her and begin to build the foundational pieces of her business.  Now she is thriving in her own practice and accessing even more of her power in her own unique way. It has been such a joy seeing her grow and evolve.  What an honor to get to work with this Queen!


Scott Bramer

Jazz Musician

I cannot say enough amazing things about Scott.  What a brave soul!  W e were able to move and transform so much together.  While working together, he was able to tap into new levels of flow in his music creation.  If you find him on instagram, you can truly see how much he has transformed.  One of my favorite moments of working together is when he made a clear intention that he wanted to play at the Blue Whale.  A couple of weeks later, the owner reached out to him to have him play there.  This is a venue that’s difficult to get into and he was able to powerfully align his energetics to magnetize it in. 

Next-Level Energetics

In our time together he was able to move through so many things so that he could really be present and show up in his relationships.  He used to be more shy and reserved and as we worked together he became more and more confident and in his power in every session.  IG ScottyBramer so you can see the level of transformation that he’s moved through.  He has even created his own album and his capacity to allow himself to be seen has exponentially sky rocketed.  Yay!  Celebrating you on so many dimensions Scott!

Mary Tan

Business Strategist

Working with Mary was pure magic. Together we were able to dive deep into the ancestral shadows and move so much energy. These were tiny little intricate energy fields deeply embedded in her childhood and ancestral lineage that were ready to shift and be set free. 

Deep Healing

As we worked together, she was able to claim and call in more and more of her power so that she could fully step into what she came to do on the planet.  She is such an extraordinary woman and doing amazing things in the world and so happy that we got to spend some miraculous moments together.

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Amron Bevels

"Samantha has been a tremendous coach for me over the past 6 months. She is phenomenal in ALL of the ways. An ever-positive light being element in my life. I got through so many powerful breakthroughs with Samantha. I’ve made the most money I’ve ever made in a very short period of time. 

In one week, I made $30K which was the most I’ve made in my business in 8 years… and that’s just the beginning.  My energetic up-leveling has just continued to rise, and rise, and rise with Samantha. It’s phenomenal working with her, I just can’t plug it enough.  It’s invaluable and the price point is spot-on.”

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Brittany Gordien

"Samantha is a cosmic superhero goddess that will change your life!  From the moment I first connected with her, my vibration was elevated with sparkly goodness and bliss!"  "Her authenticity, joy and light radiates juicy positivity through all she does, and her depth of knowledge on all levels of mind, body, metaphysical, spiritual, money and more is beyond anyone I've EVER met!

Being in her sacred container will immediately expand you - her energy is infectious. She's helped me heal deep core wounds from this lifetime and beyond.  Her intuitive downloads and insights are like having a direct link to your Highest Self. She's been hand lifting me up, when I couldn't see the light or feel my power. She's ALWAYS there for you with words of wisdom, clarity and expansion."

"My business increased by over 25% in our first month together and I've had my best days/weeks in business by thousands of dollars.  My relationships have harmonized in significant ways and my body is feeling lighter than ever.  Samantha continues to be such a light and gift to me.  Knowing, connecting and working with you has inspired me beyond what words can communicate."

Momo Yasutake

Quantum Energy Healer + Soul Embodiment Coach



Jeffery Glavin

Real Estate Professional

When we first worked together his physical body and energy body was dense and he was having a hard time feeling bliss and making changes. We worked deep into past life energetics especially in the Egyptian lineage. As we worked through clearing out old vows and contracts, his energy body was able to access more light and change became much faster and more immediate in his life. 

Heart-Alignment & Essence

He came back into his heart and felt softer and more connected to his true essence.  Several people in the community reached out to let me know what an incredible transformation they felt in Jeffery.  He’s an incredible friend and client and I am so honored to get to work with this amazing masculine.

Brooke Mastalir

Therapy Recruiter & Life Coach



Kyle Diotte

 Soulful Success Coach 

Kyle is such an amazing coach and client.  He was all-in from the very beginning and we were able to create extraordinary shifts in his energy field.  When we first worked together, there was a lot of language around ‘not knowing enough’ even though when he showed me his work it was absolutely brilliant.  We were able to clear past lives in Atlantis to bring back more of his authentic mentorship power, re-align him to his Projector Human Design qualities and support him in accessing his ability to make powerful decisions in his own world. 

Heart Opening

Now he has the confidence and the creativity to work with clients and create group programs in a way that feels aligned to his Spirit and his soul work.  In the middle of our work together, you could see his entire being light up, and the entire demeanor of his body shifted into more flexibility and flow. You could see the power, light and happiness in his eyes and face every time we talked, and I’m so excited to see what Kyle does next.  So honored to get to work with a man with such an incredible heart.

I would be honored to be your energy worker & guide you to access your highest levels of health, wealth and business success.

There are many ways to work with me, from my self-study online programs (including pre-recorded healing sessions), LIVE group programs, and my 1-on-1 containers.  If you have any questions, feel free to connect with me on IG @samanthaloveblossom, or send me an email at [email protected].