Turn ON your most abundant Universe.

You deserve to live your most magical and prosperous life NOW,

filled with color, creativity and a deep expression of your soul's destiny.

You were BORN to be wealthy. It is your Birthright.

Take time to kiss & hug your old stories goodbye.

Then tune into your Soul Power and create your most blissed out life & biz.

Celebrate. Play. Create. Enjoy. Experience. Do all the things. This magic is what you're here for.


✨ Soul Purpose & Business Energetics

INTIMACY You Are Your North Star

Embody + Radiate your Soul Power through the morphogenic field. Every action that you take touches the hologram of the Universe. You are much more powerful than you know. Learn to love yourself even more deeply and to harness this power and connection to the Universe for incredible IMPACT + Success.

Magical Payment plans start as low as $199/month

Tell me more about intimacy!

New Business Paradigm for Rebel Visionaries 

SUCCESS gets to FEEL as good as it looks.

Envision returning home at the end of a long day, brimming with a deep sense of fulfillment, nourishment, and positive energy. If you are eager to embrace a fresh approach to leadership, you have found the ideal platform. We offer a host of potent solutions and dynamic, energetic frequencies to partner with you in co-creating a new paradigm in leadership. 

Sparkly Payment plans start at $1555/month

Yes, success gets to feel so good!

Manifest Money 101

Explore how the Quantum Universe sees and experiences money. Train your imagination to create a better relationship with money and see what arrives for you.

Sparkly Payment plans start as low as $59/month


Masculine & Feminine Energetics of Money

Magnetize infinite money through exploring the feminine and masculine aspects of manifestation. Understand the blueprint of foundational energetics of magnetizing all of your dreams & desires.


Sparkly Payment plans start as low as $111/month



7 Chakras & Wealth Activation

Clear family & ancestral patterns that may be blocking your financial abundance. Re-write the energetic flow in your 7 chakra energy system to turn on quantum wealth, miracles and magic.


BONUS content with Mason Smith.


Sparkly Payment plans start as low as $222/month


Release Old Money Stories

Create beautiful thoughts & emotions around money to have a completely new experience of life. Money flows in and out of our everyday world. When we feel happy about our money, everything else in our world feels easier and brighter.


Manifestation 101

You are the creator of your Universe. By tuning into these foundational philosophies that go far beyond the Law of Attraction, you guide yourself to create an even more magical life that you love.

Sparkly Payment plans start as low as $288/month


The Bliss Frequency

Activate ways to turn on your happy hormones. Certain internal conversations create a healthier and happier state of mind. When you have a deep reverence and compassion for both your light and your shadow, you embrace a new sense of bliss and happiness in your every day living.


Freedom Energetics

Unlock bliss in all areas of your Universe. Imagine having even more fun traveling and enjoying what you've already created. This is a unique course to align your inner energetics so that you can wildly enjoy the success that you've already created.


Soulit Hub

A foundations to manifestations course. Receive Soulit Insight teaching videos and Soulit Light Code Activations with Samantha Blossom & Mason Smith to support you in speeding up your Manifestation process.


Quantum Business Matrix Energetics

A foundational booster course for your business matrix energetics. Your business matrix is the entire force field of your business. Discover ways to quickly increase joy and fulfillment in your business and turn on magnetism to attract more dream clients and money that feels like magic.

LOVE Investment: $55


The Quantum Particle®️

A gift from the Cosmos. The Quantum Particle is a high vibrational energy nutrient from the 12th dimension. This nano particle of gold sparkly light speeds up manifestation time and is a creation tool that assists the body to access spontaneous healing at the speed of light. Your cells need high vibrational light in order to take the quantum leap to heal at a faster rate. When cells cannot heal, it is because it doesn't have enough energy to alchemize. This energy nutrient supports cells in making a quantum leap. 

LOVE Investment: $333