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I activate Ascension Key Codes for business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches and healers to FEEL + BE LIT UP in their body, money and business worlds so they can turn UP bliss + wealth + impact.

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The Embodiment of Opulence FREE Masterclass!

Opulence is wealth and abundance in all of its many forms. Learn how to master bringing more energy and presence into your everyday life, and see a new and more fruitful world appear for you!

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Body Talk + Reiki, Human Design & Gene Keys Energy Initiations

These 3 Core Energy Initiation sessions have been designed especially for Conscious Entrepreneurs and Leaders to fully embody & express their soul signature magic and to step into their next-level self!

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HyperBling Rose Gold Edition : An Opulence Creation Mastermind

OPEN for Applications! You are here to create a powerful and magical impact on the planet! Queen, it's your time.  Are you ready to activate your next-level femme superpowers?

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HyperBling Rose Gold Edition:

An Opulence Creation Mastermind

You are here to create a powerful and magical impact on the planet!  It's time to fully express it, BE it and LIVE it.  This magical Mastermind is for You, Queen - if you're ready to experience more bliss in your body, and more ease and flow in your day to day creations than ever before... this portal is for you, Babe!

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As a 'vibe up together gift', I'd love to invite you to my LIT UP Activation (~ 40min) for FREE! This is one of my favorite masterclasses filled with energy activations that can awaken your inner next level bliss.

You are always in the ‘game’ of planting seeds in the NOW moment.  This is one of the biggest KEY codes in manifesting your dreams & living your best life and I am so excited to share these light code activations with you!

This is a wholeness journey and an opportunity to communicate with all the different aspects of you and to bring a lot of your power and energy into the NOW.

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