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You are Ready for Life to be oh so Magical!

Your rhythm, your talents, your art, your music, your Super Soul Gifts... you are ready to unlock your highest potential and share your light and gifts with the world now, and get paid for what you do! This is your first key to allowing the Cosmos in to support you on your vibrant life journey. Use your super powers wisely. xoxo!

KeyCode ONE to a Soul Inspired Life.

A Guide to Remembering how to Access Your Super Powers. ** Receive a fun pdf Worksheet to Ignite Your Super Powers + you have the opportunity to opt-in to receiving fun life transformational tips sent to your inbox. And when you've learned all you want, you can unsub in a click! Cheers to your Soul Growth!

Let's transform the energetics of Money so it is a vibration of LOVE shared between people, cultures and nations. 

It starts with our own money story. By transforming our money relationship, we allow ourselves to live + experience our Soul Purpose to its fullest. 

Money is one of the most spiritual energies. It forces you to be so strong in your own power and your own intention, that you must be a master of your own reality. Ready to be brave and courageous? You are the only person that can claim your dream life. I am ready to stand by your side and claim this powerful dream with you! Two people asking and intending together is always extremely powerful. 

The Money Mirror.

A gift for you.

To begin your journey of transforming your money programs.

Because you know you deserve to be showered with abundance.


* Money Cycle + The 5 Elements Video

* Money Clarity Sheet
(What emotions are holding you back from your dream income.)

* Your Money Blueprint
(Design a map to guide you towards your true income potential.)


KeyCode TWO - The Money Mirror

FREE gift for you. So you can transform your money programs + bring in the new consciousness of Money + you'll have the opportunity to opt-in to receiving insightful life transformational tips delivered to your inbox! When you feel like you're saturated with Spirit Growth, then you can unsub in a click! Cheers to your new Wealth + Abundance! xoxo

The Money Codes

Let's dive deep together for 7 weeks to transform the energetics of your Money World! Are you Ready to have a rockstar relationship with money? I know you are...

tools for your evolution

What's included in a session?

transformation you receive in sessions

1. clear away karmic patterns and energy residues that are no longer serving you
2. upgrade your body to be able to cleanse + digest several layers of unprocessed emotions, active memories, belief systems, past life traumas all in one single session...
3. reconnect to your Spirit + your authentic genuine Divine self
4. Awaken your Rainbow Light Body + be more connected to your body + be more present + have more access to your brilliance & soul gifts
5. expand capacity for self love + love of others + love for the Cosmos
6. connect with your team of enlightened Guides + more clarity on guidance from your Guides
7. Increase Intuition on all levels
8. create a new vibrational tone in your energy field that is more aligned with your true essence
9. activate your energy field + purpose.. become ignited and far more excited to fully step into your Divine Power + Destiny.. remember that you are a powerful Co-Creator
10. Tune into your body consciousness - be able to listen to the secret messages of your body faster
11. awaken to the truth of who you are and live life more solution focused


A faster way to connect to your inner wisdom. BodyTalk is a relaxing experience that allows you to tune into the messages and the innate wisdom of your body.


Feel a bubble of love with this heart focused energy healing style. You'll feel like you are wrapped in love as you connect with Oneness and unravel your own old limiting beliefs, patterns and programs.


A must for every heart centered entrepreneur. As you grow and expand, Reiki will be there to guide you, teach you and assist you with making magic happen. 

Book a Session

sacred time just for you... :)

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Be Empowered. Get Inspired.


VIP Coaching

For those super go-getters, this is for you. The ones that are ready to Sky Rocket and actualize their dreams, like yesterday. This is a 3 month deeply transformative program designed for the heart centered entrepreneur + empowered leader. 11k investment, for leaders that are truly ready to upgrade.

3 Month in Depth Soul Journey Together

the blog

Create your dream lifestyle. Design your heart centered business around YOU. Nourish your Soul, and Blossom your Vision.

meet Samantha

My Study Adventures include:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry ~ Whittier College (Whittier, CA)

  • 5 years of study in Shanghai's University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Shanghai, China)

  •  3 years with Master Gong Acupuncture + Qigong Master (Shanghai, China)

  • ISBT Bowen Therapy Certified (Australian teachers Lisa Black and Col Murray)

  • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

  • Accunect Facilitator

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques Facilitator
    (Certified Level I&II)

  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher (Kundalini Style is as taught by Yogi Bhajan)

  • Reiki I&II, Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master facilitator & teacher (lineage passed down from Colleen Benelli & William Lee Rand)

My YouTube Channel

My intention is to create content that awakens and inspires your True Essence to feel free to unfold and be expressed. You are the Divine in physical form. And you are so much more powerful than you know! These videos will remind you of your Soul Essence so you can live a more creative and empowered life. Enjoy these powerful + practical tools and tips to keep you tuned in, connected to the Cosmos and aligned to the True You.

Take me to YOUTUBE

Kundalini Yoga

Experience one of the most profound gifts you can give yourself. Kundalini Yoga is an ancient technology designed for your enlightenment process. Dedicating to your practice awakens the Spirit, fine tunes the energy field and expands your radiant light body. 

what people say...

These are some of the magical + incredible beings I get to work with :)

"Samantha Blossom is a living angel of light on this planet. Her commitment to this earth and the people on her is immense. I have been to several energy workers over my life, Samantha is one of the most gifted and powerful intuitive I’ve met. Her healing sessions address current, and past life challenges and are life changing. I was in emotional and physical pain before receiving one of her sessions. I walked away free of both with a newly inspired vision for my life, free of karmic patterns."

Susan G.
Speaker, Author, Soul Ignitor

Owner of emotional intelligence society

Doubled her income in less than one month of working together. Upgrading her prices were easy, effortless and simply felt congruent to her new mindset and energetic shifts.


High Performance Coach

Energy medicine can quickly get your body back in balance when life throws you curve balls. Dan was able to quickly restore his energy and be fully present for his 3 day LIVE event. BodyTalk quickly tunes into your innate wisdom to bring your physical and emotional world back to balance. It also activates the energetics of your business matrix so that it thrives even when you need energetic recoup time.


Manifestation Coach

Transforming the energetics of money so that you no longer need to live in fight or flight mode. Sending love and healing to your ancestral lineage so that you can step into your powerful presence and claim your dream life.


Reconnect to your Heart and Emotions.

Went from making lots of money yet feeling busy and unfulfilled. In one year transformed into opening his heart, reconnected to his emotions, tuned in to his soul purpose, attracting his dream Soul Mate and now feeling much more fulfilled in his own business and ready to take action on activating his soul purpose. He is now in the most connecting and most fulfilling relationship of his life.


Like Art, Revolutions come from combining what exists into what has never existed before. - Gloria Steinem

Are you ready to claim your space + create what you were born to create? The world needs you. You matter. And you know it. So let's get it done! Together, we can create magic.

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Samantha Blossom