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FREEDOM Energetics

Hi Magical Love,


FREEDOM is your birthright. This program is to support you with de-conditioning from societal constraints that may hold you back from feeling and accessing your spiritual freedom and soul light. The Universe loves you immensely and these are new light codes to unlock the freedom energetics that are already available within you. Freedom with Time, Freedom with Success, Freedom with Money, Freedom in Expression within Relationships. Together we will re-write the coding in your unconscious to support you with creating an even more blissed out universe. Love you to the moon + stars and back. Magic lives inside of you babe. Xoxo.


What You'll Receive:

1. Opulence World Meditation VIDEO

Created and designed to re-write your unconscious mind. As you update and shift your inner imagination, your external world begins to reflect a completely new world for you.

The Archetypes we'll be playing with inside of this meditation include:

  • The Inner Aggressor to the Inner Protector
  • The Inner Self Punisher to the Inner Self Nourisher
  • The Inner Heart Breaker to the Self Love Generator
  • The Perpetual Worrier to the Wizard of Trust
  • The Self Depriver to the Self Overflowing Abundance Giver
  • Create an Odometer for the Generous Present Moment

Our focus is on releasing the Addiction to the Past and to place more energy on the Future as well as forward momentum. 


Concepts that we'll play with together in this class are:

  • The Evolution of Freedom of Time
  • Opening the Freedom of Success
  • The Expansion of Freedom of Money
  • Freedom to Travel
  • Freedom to Play

2. Quantum BodyTalk Session

Upgrading Organs + Endocrines to be able to be in the Frequency Energetics of Freedom. 


VIDEO Activations:

Quantum Time

Infinite Money 

Energy Rich Friendships

Blissed Out Vacation Codes

Travel in Bliss

Happy Healthy Boundaries

Fit. Strong. Sexy

Dream Clients Manifesto

Beauty Energetics



Yay! Can't wait to see you in the Vortex Magician! woohoo! :)




I'm so excited to be on this magical journey with you!  When we unlock our freedom energetics programs, we're able to completely elevate our influence in the world.  We're able to powerfully fulfill our soul's vision with the support of money energy when we're not unconsciously blocking it with old programming and beliefs.  This work will benefit YOU, your community and everyone else in your world!  Thank you for having the courage to do this work. 

Yay! See you in the portal!




♥ If you have any further questions, feel free to DM me on instagram {@samanthaloveblossom}

or email: [email protected]


[ Energy transmissions begin the moment of purchase. All Sales are Final due to the nature of this course. My Guides will be working with you the moment that you purchase the program and new energy downloads and insights will begin.]