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Every time you purchase a product, you’re sparkling up another part of the planet! Yay! So fun! :)

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Charity Water


Why we 💗 Charity Water:


Metaphysical World WHY:

We believe that by bringing clean water to every single human on the planet and nourishing their root chakra base need, we will elevate the entire planet. By increasing joy all across the globe, the planet will be able to speed up its ascension process which is a WIN for everyone yay! Heave on Earth vibes, let’s goooo!

🌎 3D WHY: 

We love that Charity Water has private investors to back up their operational costs. Every dollar that we donate goes directly to the Water projects so that we can support as many humans as possible with having access to clean water! Yes!



Check out this amazing video on why we love Charity Water.

🍵 Grab a cup of tea, relax and get inspired by this epic heart warming video.

Video on Charity Water:

The Spring - The charity: water story

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The Ocean Cleanup


Why we 💗 The Ocean Cleanup:


Metaphysical World WHY:

Whales and dolphins as well as many other ocean animals hold a high vibrational frequency for the planet. By keeping the oceans clean and clear, we keep the resonance of the planet at a high frequency. The ocean animals are asking for our help and assistance.

When ocean life is in joy and play and happiness, it radiates a vibrational frequency to the rest of the planet. By supporting the Ocean Cleanup project, we are supporting the speed up of the ascension of our planet.


🌎 3D WHY: 

We love the passion and the technology of this company. Doing good on the planet in a blissful attitude is a huge part of our mission and we feel that this company is in alignment with the energetics.


Get Inspired.

This incredible video sums up the importance of this project!

Watch it Here:

This Is The Largest Cleanup in History | The Ocean Cleanup

If you’d like to DONATE directly:

🌎 1% of Every Purchase goes to The Ocean Cleanup and Charity Water 💕