Hi Magical Queen + King,

I am soooo immensely happy that you’ve found this space in the Universe.

I am so excited and happy to bring you all things miraculous and magical. This is a world where you get to play with time and space and see how fast things can truly awaken and unfold for you, when you come in with a playful attitude. Explore these yummies and I’m so sure that you’ll find the next golden key to take you to exactly where you’re being led next.

In my world, I have seen...

  • Clients with brain tumors spontaneously disappear
  • Clients go from charging $300 sessions to creating $30,000 packages
  • I have seen clients move from $86,000 a year to $1.2M in a year
  • And from never ever dating anyone to finding their soulmate and having their dream wedding and dream romantic partner arrive.



This world is available for you too.

You are allowed to have direct access to Cosmic Source Energy. These codes will remind you of how to plug back into your own epic Soul Essence. I am so happy to be able to channel and bring forth these codes for you. You ascending is my greatest joy. I even tear up as I write these words because I know what an incredibly magical world is available for you and I cannot wait for you to step in! 

xoxo, Samantha


Foundational Courses:

These are the Foundational Key Codes for Manifestation + Ascension.



Accessing your Soul Bliss is the foundational Ascension KEY Code for all manifestation. Starting here is a great way to ground in a new way of creating in your Universe.




12 Key CODES for manifestation taught with Divine Union Queen Mason Smith to speed up your manifestation game.



My most in-depth manifestation course to date. What you choose to see in your Universe is what you create. This breaks down how to focus more on what you DO want to increase your manifestation speed.



Taught with Mystic Queen Jenn Velmer, INTIMACY dives deep into your connection with Self and Spirit. By learning how to access Spirit and activate energy into your everyday world, all of life becomes that much more magical. You begin to see the sparkle and the joy in the everyday mundane moments.


Money Energetics. Mother + ONE + You. This is what I think of when I think of the word ‘money’. It is the Universe consistently gifting and giving to you always. This gets to be your new relationship with money. An infinite flow.



This is your Money 101 course. Everything you need for blissful money manifestation right at your fingertips. 8 Gorgeous classes designed with your fast money ascension process in mind.



When you’re ready to dive deeper into money miracle magic, then dive into this gem. This is where you get to tap into miracle money and just see that sparkle flow on in.



The Money Codes moves through deep ancestral and past life programming around money energetics. If just feeling or seeing the word ‘money’ triggers you, then this is a wonderful place to start. This is where you dive deep into seeing where your money stories originate and how you can powerfully re-write and re-code your own operating system around money.



This Money Manifestation Course is designed to support you with accessing infinite wealth. As you breakthrough the concepts in this course, you’ll realize that you truly have access to infinite wealth. This may not look like billions of dollars right this minute, but you’ll find that everything that you desire to create in the moment, the resources find their way to you.

Brittany Gordien


"Samantha is a cosmic superhero goddess that will change your life!!

From the moment I first connected with her, my vibration was elevated with sparkly goodness and bliss! Her authenticity, joy and light radiates juicy positivity through all she does... and her depth of knowledge on all levels of mind, body, metaphysical, spiritual, money and more is beyond anyone I've EVER met!  Being in her sacred container will immediately expand you - her energy is infectious.  She's helped me heal deep core wounds from this lifetime and beyond. 

Her intuitive downloads and insights are like having a direct link to your Highest Self.

She's been hand-lifting me up, when I couldn't see the light or feel my power.  She's ALWAYS there for you with words of wisdom, clarity and expansion.  My business increased by over 25% in our first month together and I've had my best days and weeks in business by thousands of dollars. 

My relationships have harmonized in significant ways and my body is feeling lighter than ever.  Samantha continues to be such a light and gift to me.  Knowing, connecting and working with you has inspired me beyond what words can communicate. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I love you SOULLLL MUCH!

- Brittany Gordien



Our world has made business so serious, strict and hard. This type of rigid attitude can break down your body and create unnecessary stress and tension. It can also slow down the flow of creation, new clients, new business and so many other things.

These sparkle codes are created to support you with coming back to ease and flow.  Designed for you to develop a new relationship with your business that feels fun, light, easy and filled with flow and synchronicity.


Sparkle Academy: Business Matrix Energetics

Explore the energetics behind creating your business as well as discover ways to communicate with your Business Matrix and Money Matrix. 



Taking your business to the next level gets to be fun when you are working in alignment with your Aura and your energetic design. You no longer need to be pushing, forcing and manipulating things to happen. Instead you get to work in harmony with your Aura Type and magnetize the things that are aligned to you instead. I love seeing the magic that organically unfolds from this course by creating your business from a space that is more in alignment and in tune with your soul signature essence. Best for coaches, healers and freelancers, but can be applied to any business.




For the woman who wants it all. Coming soon!

~ A LOVE note from
Dr. Amron Bevels ~

Amron is one of my very favorite clients.

She went from $300 sessions to $30,000 clients.

Seeing her transform has been a dream come true.  She was 100% committed to her journey from the very beginning, and it truly shows in her level of transformation. 

She courageously takes her women leader clients to their personal next level, and it is such a JOY to experience all the sparkly vibes.  Soul loving you, Amron! 



Still feeling into which portal is right for you?

Email me at [email protected] or drop me a message on my IG @samanthaloveblossom.  I'm so honored to be on this ascension journey with you!



Your Desires are the Universe Speaking to You.

You get to live your best life NOW.