A 12 month VIP 1-on-1 coaching container
to take you deep within your consciousness

You’re here because you are ready to master your own energetic and emotional genius, and create soul-aligned bliss, wealth, love and synchronicities with ease. Learn the science of understanding YOU and how you create.

Life really does get to feel this good.
Let’s dive in.

Her depth of knowledge on all
levels of mind, body, metaphysical,
spiritual, money and more is
beyond anyone I’ve ever met!


In one week, I made $30K which was the most I’ve made in my business in 8 years… and that’s just the beginning.


The truth of life is infinite
love, infinite energy, infinite

All of CREATION is art.

Life is your playground and success beyond what you can imagine is available for you.

Your imagination, your thoughts, your feelings, your words, your ideas, your inner + outer dialogue are your paint brush and your tools for creation.

🪞 Everything in your external reality is a reflection of your internal energetics + emotional mastery. 🪞

Emotional mastery depends on how deeply you know YOU.

When you truly understand your own unique Design and the operating system of your Energy Field and Aura, the bliss of life turns on and turns up for you and all those around you.


Crystallizing & Embodying your unique design is what we do together in The Quantum Artist.

Your connection to you and the Cosmos - is something that will stay with you and be with you on this entire lifetime journey & beyond. I’ve seen it time and time again in my own life and the lives of my clients.

These very subtle yet significant shifts that we create in your awareness & energy body result in HUGE and ECSTATIC changes in your world!

I know, because I have spent
years learning to release stuck energies & awaken my own inner essence.

I see you owning that you have a powerful purpose and mission here. You are ready and willing to make big ripples of change on the planet. You know that your incredible self love and self care is the energy that will ripple out to the people around them. You want to organically and naturally be able to be generous.

I would be honored to guide you into your true self through body, mind, business & wealth.

The Conscious Entrepreneur

The business owner who’s ready to energetically expand with more ease, flow and magic. You’re ready to feel even more amazing in your body as well as access the flow state throughout the day and even during difficult tasks. You are becoming aware that the Universe is working with you and you’re ready to leverage this energetic connection.

You know that spontaneous healing and spontaneous success can occur when you are in Universal Harmony and you’re ready to master accessing these energetic states.

The Impactful Artist

You’re ready to up-level the planet through your SOUL Expression. Your music, your art, your album, your book, your social media, your online programs, your LIVE programs, your retreats, your YouTube channel - all your creations.

You want to reach, inspire and transform more lives while feeling more ease in your body and are ready to increase monetary prosperity for you and your team.

You know that spontaneous healing and spontaneous success can occur when you are in Universal Harmony and you’re ready to master accessing these energetic states.

The Innate Philanthropist

The Conscious Queen & King Bosses who are creating their IMPACT on the planet and are ready to expand their energetic support and bandwidth. You desire powerful and intimate support that quickly guides you back to your own innate wisdom and soul truth so that you can continue to collapse time and move full speed ahead.

You’re ready to have a deeper understanding of your energetic operating system so that you can move more intuitively through the world.

This program is not for you if:

The Quantum Artist is for those who are ready to go all-in with soul-aligned growth and evolution.

What’s included in your 12
month journey:


1-on-1 VIP Experience:

5 x 30-90min (time depends on your availability)

Types of Sessions/month include:

🤍 1 x Quantum Particle + BodyTalk Activation Session

🤍 1 x Human Design in depth Transmission

🤍 1 x Gene Keys Inner Awakening Light Transmission

- PLUS -

🤍 WhatsApp or Voxer: Tues-Friday @ 10am-5pm with 48 hour response time

🤍 1 x Bonus 45min Energetics Session (topic of your choice, book at your leisure)


BONUS: In depth Self Study Portals for Opulence + Manifestation:


🤍 The Oracle Codes (Valued @ $3333)

🤍 Bling: A Money Manifestation Program (Valued @ $1111)

🤍 HyperBling + SparkleBling Biz Energetics (Valued @ $14,444)

🤍 The Money Codes (Valued @ $1111)

Total Bonus: $19,999

12 Month Option:
$11,111/month or $111,111 pay in full for 12 months


Are you ready to turn on bliss, wealth & magic?


Client love:

Powerful Voice.

Your VOICE is an incredible key to magnetism. Claim your soul voice and feel freedom in the way that you express yourself. Feel truth flow through you in your conversations, writing, texting and social media. As you connect more deeply with your innate wisdom, allowing your truth to flow through becomes faster and more spontaneous.

Deeper Rest + Faster Letting Go

When you run and expend your energy in the right way, sleeping deeper becomes a more natural part of your everyday life. Also knowing when your body is asking for rest and truly allowing your body to rest, charges you up so that you have more aligned energy when the time is right to have aligned energy.

More Energy

By learning about your Design Type, you begin to understand ways to charge up your own energy body as well as what depletes your energy system.

More Synergistic Relationships

Understanding your energy type and the energy type of the loved ones around you supports you in understanding how to communicate with self and others in a more harmonious way.

Mastery of Flow

The flow state comes naturally when you are tuned into your own unique Soul Signature Frequency.

Higher Efficiency 

Be more efficient by increasing communication with your Body + Innate Wisdom. Understanding your innate guidance system creates more bliss, ease and magnetism in your life. Instead of forcing, you get to allow.

Healing Abilities.

Access Spontaneous Body Healing by integrating your body’s inner wisdom and messages more easily.

In The Quantum Artist, you are deepening and enhancing your direct connection to the Universe + Universal Support.

The tools you’ll learn in this program will continue to transform your world for a whole lifetime and beyond.

Quantum Light Codes + The Quantum Particle 

Just as important as air, water, food and other micronutrients, your cells also crave ‘energetic light’.

This may be a frequency that we cannot see with our physical eyes but it can be felt by our bodies. Just like there are certain ‘sound frequencies’ that we may not be able to hear, but dogs can hear or just like how we cannot see the frequencies that create electricity or our wifi, the frequency of ‘light’ and the necessity of ‘light’ as food for our cells is incredibly important.

When we increase the ‘light quotient’ of our cells, our cells have more energy to be able to process and fulfill its normal daily functions.
Many stressors can decrease the amount of ‘light’ a cell has access to.


In our sessions together, we’ll access deep states of meditation that connect us directly to the Quantum Field - here we will download new frequencies of light to support the spontaneous healing of your cells.

You’ll Receive these Color Activations + Initiations in the QUANTUM Artist:

Rose Gold Initiation

A deepening of unconditional love. An energy activation on the expansion of heart energy and the protection of heart energy. Resilience and the capacity to release words, emotions and foreign energies that close down or shut down the heart. This initiation is to support more consistent soul understandings of unconditional love.

White Gold Initiation

Working with the Crown Chakra and the thousand petaled white lotus at the crown, this initiation heals and repairs the receptor sites at the crown chakra to support tuning in directly to Source energy and higher frequency thinking.

Platinum Liquid Light Initiation

The highest frequency color that we currently have access to, this energy supports your energy field in running at a faster vibration. This speeds up manifestation time and allows your cells to have a higher light quotient. The activation supports your cells in releasing old karmic patterns at a faster rate and opens portals to receiving the new light that is currently flowing on the planet at this time. This gives you faster access to 5D consciousness and sustains living life in this consciousness field.

GOLD Light Initiation

Gold is the light of optimism, richness and warmth. This frequency initiation illuminates and enhances your lens and perspective of the world and reality. This color activation increases awareness and understanding of higher consciousness, wisdom and enlightenment.

Opal Moonstone Initiation

OPAL enhances cosmic consciousness and the understanding of the mystic arts. The opal moonstone initiation activates originality and creativity as well as enhances feelings of self worth. This activation supports the expression of your truest self.


Violet Gold Flame Initiation

VIOLET is the color of luxury, wealth, sophistication and the innate energetics of royalty. The activation of this color reminds you that your life is meant to feel lavish and luxurious simply just because. The Violet Gold initiation turns on pure love, pure peace and tranquility in the true beauty that is already available in the here and now, as to magnetize and to create more of this wealth frequency.

Our Connection to the World

The secrets to an incredibly blissful life that is full of magical meaning is available to you now.

All of the coding to unlock these mystical energetics live inside of your own body, your own energy field and your own consciousness. When you tune into the mechanics of your energy field, you begin to feel and experience the world differently.


Why is it invaluable to do this work?

🗝️ Through the navigational system of Human Design and Gene Keys, you get to have a guidance system that supports you in understanding more deeply how to turn on your magnetism as well as live life in a way that supports the flow of your energy field.

🗝️ Living by Design allows you to become stronger, healthier, faster and more efficient as well feel more bliss more often of the time. You begin to do business, relationships and life in an even more intuitive way.

🗝️ Human Design is the active YANG energy engine aspect of your Aura and is like the hardware of your energy field. Gene Keys is fine tuning YIN details and is like the software of your energy field.

By understanding both of these aspects of yourself deeply, you’re able to create deeper awareness of how to be more energetically efficient in the world.

This translates into:
+ Magnetizing more money making opportunities
+ Magnetizing people who are even more aligned to your work and who you are
+ Magnetizing circumstances and situations that are simply more blissful and more aligned to WHO YOU BE.


✨ You get to feel amazing in your body.

✨ You get to create incredible impact.

✨ You get to enjoy all of the bliss that life has to offer - and I want to guide you there.

This is how we do it:



12 Months

  • 5 x 30-90 min sessions per month

    Includes these styles of sessions:
  •  1 Quantum Particle + BodyTalk Activation Session

  •  1 Human Design in depth Transmission

  •  1 Gene Keys inner awakening light Transmission

  •  WhatsApp or Voxer: Tues-Friday @ 9am-5pm with 48 hour response time

  •  BONUS: My entire Course Library on topic of Opulence + Manifestation (Valued at $19,999)




One Time Payment

  • 5 x 30-90 min sessions per month

    Includes these styles of sessions:
  •  1 Quantum Particle + BodyTalk Activation Session

  •  1 Human Design in depth Transmission

  •  1 Gene Keys inner awakening light Transmission

  •  WhatsApp or Voxer: Tues-Friday @ 9am-5pm with 48 hour response time

  •  BONUS: My entire Course Library on topic of Opulence + Manifestation (Valued at $19,999)



Application Portal:

If you have any further questions about this container or would like to email me your application directly, feel free to write to [email protected]