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Luminescent Leadership Development is rooted in

sustainability, integration and embodiment. 


Envision returning home at the end of a long day, brimming with a deep sense of fulfillment, nourishment, and positive energy. If you are eager to embrace a fresh approach to leadership, you have found the ideal platform. We offer a host of potent solutions and dynamic, energetic frequencies to partner with you in co-creating a new paradigm in leadership. 

Energetics to Thrive Inside and Out 


YOU were BORN 

to Create + Lead


When you are supercharged and filled up inside and out, everyone around you benefits. You've seen how your happiness turns on and lights up the world.

AND we want to see you stay LIT UP and TURNED ON!

80% of success is determined by one's inner mindscape.

By optimizing and refining the energetics of your leadership approach, you will discover new pathways for yourself and your entire team to thrive. AS you shift, the entire ecosystem shifts with you.


When you shift, we all shift.


Imagine the ripple effect that occurs as you turn on these new gene expressions within yourself and begin to lead with a sense of playfulness and soulful expression.


Our leadership style is often influenced by the energy passed down to us from previous generations of leaders as well as the parenting styles of our mothers, fathers or caretakers.


By releasing deep energetic coding buried in the DNA and the expression of the nervous system, we can re-route these energy frequencies to turn on a new flow in leadership and self-expression within the community.


The most potent and effective leaders empower and inspire the creativity and potential of those around them. 

Imagine your entire team raising their frequency to manifest and co-create with you at a much faster frequency. Yet, simultaneously, you also continue to feel nourished and fulfilled inside.


Our goal is to establish a thriving, sustainable, mutually beneficial community where all members can shine and unleash their full potential, fostering a culture of collective success and fulfillment.



  • 8 In Depth Modules
  • 8 Videos Sound Healing Activations
  • 8 Quantum BodyTalk Videos
  • BONUS: Integration Tools

Luminescent Payment Plan

3 x $1555 per month

  • 8 In Depth Modules
  • 8 Videos Sound Healing Activations
  • 8 Quantum BodyTalk Videos
  • BONUS: Integration Tools
Samantha Blossom | Quantum Energy Healer & Business Coach


Danielle and Samantha have a combined 30 years of experience in the energy transformation world. 

After several years of working with some of the top leaders around the world, Danielle and Samantha have come together to create a unique formula for leaders to deeply nourish and supercharge their Divine energy fields.

LUMINESCENT is for you if you're ready to...

Expand your Heart Energy and Heart Coherence in new ways. 

According to the HeartMath Institute, the heart emits the strongest frequency from our body. When your heart is happy, you radiate an energy transmission to your entire community. This happiness uplift others which allows business creation and leadership activities to happen in a more easeful way.

Tap into the Zero Point Field...

the Quantum Field to create faster heart coherent manifestations.

When we expand our heart energetics, we can tap into the Quantum field and create outside of logic and step into Magick.

Release the energetic shackles of old ways of leadership & create new, fun ways to lead and turn on your joy-filled power

Before we can activate the new leader paradigm, we need to deprogram our prior beliefs of what leadership looks & feels like. Imagine a world where leaders get to be filled up and charged up from the inside. Allowing this overflow of energy and magic to infuse goodness into all the people around them. Good vibrations breed good vibrations.

Learn to SuperCharge up your Energy Field from the Inside Out

As you integrate your light and dark luminous nature, you love and accept the wholeness of who you are! This frequency of wholeness activates a new vibration of leadership within yourself.

Meet Danielle Elese RMT, CSHT aka Foxy Sage


Western girl with a mystic heart, Danielle Elese of Foxy Sage— explores the mystery of our psyche with the desire to transform our environment, rooted in compassion. She is a certified Sound Healing Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher & Spiritual Hypnotherapist (CSHT, RMT).

Her intention is to provide space for others to come into greater alignment with their own inner healer. Thus activating one's own unique purpose, in alignment with a sense of joy. Music and song have always been interwoven within Danielle's expression. Danielle uses Reiki-infused Sound Healing to bring the body, soul & spirit back into harmony with one another.

Within her musical work she transports the listener to healing realms by creating soundscapes fueled by 432 hertz crystal sound bowls, Himalayan metal bowls, various percussion instruments & an assortment of chimes. She uses vocal toning to facilitate energetic healing.

Join her on a magical journey through meditation to lead you back to your own healing heart.

Samantha Blossom in Bali, Indonesia

Meet Samantha Blossom

Grew up in a small town Vancouver, WA ten minutes north of Portland, OR. Mixed background of Taiwanese heritage, Samantha is a 3rd generational energy medicine Oracle for visionaries. Her studies include a background of biochemistry, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Kundalini Yoga, Karuna Reiki, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Certified Bowen Therapy Practitioner and has studied from metaphysical teachers all over the world including places like Shanghai, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK, Ireland, Brazil and several parts of the US. 

She loves to bring play and magic into the world of healing and creation. Her intention is to remind people of how to come back into their hearts and imagination so that life can feel more like the playground that it is.

She works with high level coaches, business owners, leaders, business consultants, real estate agents and power leaders that are ready to feel more ease and play in their everyday world. By creating a work environment that is more in touch with your Spirit, you're able to create faster and feel more amazing in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Leader, YOU are ready to step into this illumination.

If your Spirit has guided you to this program, you are in resonance with this container. This is your golden invitation to strengthen the grid of light on this planet and embody the leader you always dreamed of.

The Oracle

What's in the course?


Light Up the

Aura - Energetic Hygiene

  • Your Radiant Aura
  • Cleansing Your Aura 
  • Healthy Boundaries (Personal + Business Team)
  • Replenishing + SuperCharging Your Aura
  • BONUS: The Receiving Glow UP Frequency




Inner Sanctuary (Safety)

  • Uninstalling Old Spells of Protection
  • Your Definition of Safety + Sanctuary
  • 5 Elements + Safety
  • Union with Your Sacred Body Temple (Owning Your Space)
  • Your New Relationship with Environment and Time
  • BONUS: Expansion Codes 



Dark Luminescence - The Shadow Dance


  • Shining Moonlight on your Innermost Parts
  • The Darkness is an Untapped Resource of Infinite Potential
  • The Wild Self Love Affair
  • BONUS: The Black Moonstone Body - Dark Luminescence Activation


New Paradigm Power 

  • The Ashes of Former Contracts
  • Worthiness Cultivation
  • Light Spectrum: New Leadership
  • The Expansion of Light, Together we Rise
  • BONUS: "I AM" Presence Infusion


Heart Glow - Receiving Your Powerful Heart

  • Understanding Epicenter of your Radiance
  • Heart Expansion
  • Strengthening Heart Energetics
  • Generous Giving + Generous Receiving
  • BONUS: Tending the Fire of the HEART Meditation


The Light in a Voice  

  • Pleasure Listening
  • Identifying Your Unique Voice
  • What’s in a Voice? 
  • The Energetics of Tone
  • BONUS: Vocal Activation- Own Your Voice



Emitting Diamond Imagination


  • The Power of your Imagination
  • The Pineal + Pituitary Gland Broadcasting Station
  • How to Harmonize with the Cosmic Vision
  • The Potency of the Cosmic Weaver - Weaving Light into all Timelines
  • Pivoting Dark Imagination
  • BONUS: Stabilizing the Diamond Light Body


Opalescence Haven

  • Fueling the Luminescent Grid
  • Embodiment of Luminescent Leadership
  • The Culmination of the Spectrum of Light
  • Maintaining Your SuperPowers 
  • BONUS: Thousand Petaled White Lotus Activation


You feeling nourished while you lead is an extraordinary gift to yourself and others.


We are so honored to get to do this level of deep alchemical work alongside with you. Our intention field is that your new power feels even more playful and light in your body. Seeing you feel more relaxed and charged up in your every day world so that you can soar and shine with ease while you lead.

The New Leadership Paradigm is birthing through you.

What a joy to co-create this new world together.

With all our love,

Samantha + Danielle



  • 8 In Depth Modules
  • 8 Videos Sound Healing Activations
  • 8 Quantum BodyTalk Videos
  • BONUS: Integration Tools

Luminescent Payment Plan

3 x $1555 per month

  • 8 In Depth Modules
  • 8 Videos Sound Healing Activations
  • 8 Quantum BodyTalk Videos
  • BONUS: Integration Tools

When I Shine, I Give Others Permission to Shine.

A Revolutionary Leadership Paradigm Emerges.