Bling!  A Money Manifestation Program
Bling!  A Money Manifestation Program

✨ A 6 Month Journey to Embody Opulence. 


Magical Starlight!  Yaaay!

Hi magical Queen light!


Welcome to the HyperBling Rose Gold Edition

6-month Immersion Program, Yay!!!!


👑 Are you here to create a powerful and magical impact on the planet? 


👑 Are you ready to start FULLY living it, expressing it and being it?


👑 Are you ready to experience more bliss in your body, and more ease and flow in your day to day creations than ever before?


If you said 'YES', you're in the right place babe!

Press 'play' below to find out how we activate our power and embody Opulence together in HyperBling! 



As you can probably already tell, this is NOT a container where you'll be copying step-by-step strategies, a "how to" about building complicated funnels or pushing to get quick & specific results.

HyperBling is all about creating your Biz and Life in a flow of pure Bliss and Joy. 


💗 It's about tapping into YOUR unique magic, your wise inner guidance and bringing forth your incredible soul mission even more powerfully and clearly!

💗 Of course we will take the powerfully *aligned* actions in the physical plane as well, as this is an essential part of the manifestation and materialization process.  And the HyperBling Queens DO receive incredible results!!  But we never push, force or hustle.  It's all about the blissful way, baby!

💗 First and foremost, we upgrade your ENERGETICS to be evermore clear and aligned to your VISION and your highest, most Opulent timeline - all along the way - so that your business is built on ripe, fertile soil for sustainable and joyful expansion!!

So what does it really mean to upgrade your 'Energetics'?

In the Spiritual Entrepreneurship and Manifestation world, there's a lot of talk about "Being in the vibe", "Holding the vibe" and "Being an energetic match" for what you desire.  We know it means transforming how you FEEL when you're doing the things.  Because how you're 'feeling' and 'being' is what truly touches the Quantum field at any moment - and it's what attracts your results in Biz and Life.

👀 But what does all this actually translate into in terms of your PRACTICAL, day-to-day-life?

This is exactly what we get to dive into in HyperBling, baby!  Woohoo!!


It means...

  • hyper-mindset shifts in real time that quickly evolve your outlook from a "this is a problem" to... "wow, I received GOLD in this situation!"
  • daily + weekly mindset and energy expander exercises to continuously plug you into your most Opulent timeline
  • specific lessons to utilize your HD & Gene Keys in real-life situations and how to apply them in the inner workings of your business creations
  • deeply exploring your masculine and feminine energies + inner archetypes to understand how they are all an essential part of your daily creation flow, and how to actually re-program the way they work together in harmony & wholeness
  • tapping into the power of the group energy field - together, we literally create an entirely new energy field, that propels forward the momentum of our creations! 
  • Imagine your group of sisters, all seeing you in your highest capacity, cheering you on, showing each other what's possible and expanding on all our wisdom together... you are SO held here!  
Samantha Blossom in Bali, Indonesia
See the Full 6-Month Itinerary!

HyperBling is your home base for authentic expression, soul growth and biz creation bliss!

In HyperBling, we keep each other activated and in the game on a daily basis.

✨ It's ALL of these little daily pieces and shifts that add up to your inevitable success, epic growth and evolution. ✨

And what an even better way to evolve, to do all this with a group of powerful, creative, inspiring and supportive Femme Entrepreneur Superstars!!

To get a little glimpse, check out what these HyperBling Queens in the last group had to say about this magical portal!


👑 😍👇

AmyK Hutchens

International Award-Winning Speaker, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author and Founder of @amykhutchens

“Samantha is a true Energy Alchemist! And a Radiant Soul. Partnering with Samantha has created so many shifts in my life -- internally & externally. I operate now at a higher-vibe frequency, I’m more playful, I’m magnetizing better clients, growing a wildly profitable business and experiencing more bliss along the way. 

Samantha not only taught me how to create a life of Opulence, but how to embody it. Collaborating with her has been so Magical I just signed up for another 6 months!”

Alice Hu

Career Astrologist & Mindset Coach for Entrepreneurs @woowooco
"One of my favorite moments working with Samantha was a session where we found clarity and connection around my money blocks and fear of being fully seen. We connected it to past ancestral trauma and ever since then, I've been exploring and healing parts of my lineage. There is something so powerful about working with someone who understands your cultural background. We don't realize that fear and a fear-based mentality can be passed down. For many AAPI, we hesitate to be our true selves because of past trauma in our own lifetime and past generations. It's time to break the cycle! It's time to be seen. It's safe to be myself. Thank you, Samantha."

Magical Queen Light,

If you have found your way to this portal, I know that you've likely already had a lot of success.  You are already a shining superstar!!

And at the same time...

💐 Something is calling you to shed more layers and live lighter.

💐 You are ready to turn on a new level of magnetism that you have never even fully allowed yourself to feel.

💐 You want to feel LIT UP, on fire and excited in your business instead of feeling like a busy mess!

💐 The femme superpower inside of you is bursting and ready to be revealed.

💐 You’re ready to take everything next level! Next level bliss! Next level Opulence baby!

You know your work is evolutionary.

It’s here to change things. Shake things up.

🏆 And that’s where the gold is. 🏆


If you’re still reading… then.. BABE!!!! ahhhh!!

🎉 Welcome to HyperBling Rose Gold Edition!  What what! 🎉

Can I send you a sparkly fist bump Queen!


HyperBling is your power up Bliss Portal.

We are here to...
👑 do the things to get your work out there,
💸 have you making bank 
😍 & get you feeling so outrageously AMAZING about all of it!


Let’s do this!!!

Your Sparkly Investment Options:

HyperBling Rose Gold Edition


or $8888 PIF (SAVE $442)

  • 1 x 30min Private Session /month
  • Monthly LIVE Class
  • Monthly ZOOM Q&A
  • FB Group Mastermind
  • Weekly / Daily Mindset + Energy Expander Exercises
  • Total Access to the HyperBling Content Archive (starting Jan 11, 2022)
  • Surprise Bonus!
Yes, I'm in!

Rose Gold Platinum LIT VIP


or $15,555 PIF (SAVE $1107)

  • 1 x 60min Private Session /month
  • Private High Frequency Magnetism Energetics WhatsApp Group
  • Monthly LIVE Class
  • Monthly ZOOM Q&A
  • FB Group Mastermind
  • Weekly / Daily Mindset + Energy Expander Exercises
  • Total Access to the HyperBling Content Archive (starting Jan 11, 2022) 
  • Surprise Bonus! 
Yes, I'm in! VIP!

Next steps...


1. Click HERE or "Yes, I'm IN!" above and write your answers to the mastermind application, yay!  


2. Email me your answers at [email protected] or DM me your application.


3. We'll set up a time to have 🍵 tea together.  We'll explore the HyperBling Vortex and you can ask all your questions about the Mastermind! (it's FREE and no obligation to sign up)! 


We’ll chat, laugh and day dream together.

This is the way into the new world we get to create together!

I love you!


👑 Yes, let's schedule a FREE HyperBling Exploration Call!! 💗✨

Your 💗's Desires are the Universe Speaking to You.

You get to live your most Opulent and Blissful Timeline now!