Bling!  A Money Manifestation Program
Bling!  A Money Manifestation Program

A 6 Month Journey to Reveal the BLING.

Imagine what your life will be like 6 months from now, when we HYPERBLING together.

Thoughts change the way you FEEL.

When you change the way you FEEL, you change the ACTIONS you take.

When you change the ACTIONS you take,

you change the RESULTS + FRUITS you receive in life.



Imagine consistently accessing...

higher frequency thoughts

+ creating higher frequency feelings


+ more efficient feel good actions



This is HyperBLING.


Wherever two or more gather, the light is amplified.

In this 6 month container, we will come together to Quantum Leap and Accelerate the speed at which we create.

Samantha Blossom | Quantum Energy Healer & Business Coach


in your wealth creation.

Consistently feeling filled with light.

Consistently feeling loved.

Consistently feeling felt, heard, seen,

charged up, ignited.

This turns into GOLD BLING.

Because it creates the environment for you to have the energy

to consistently SHOW UP and fully BE YOU.

HyperBLING is for the one who... ready and committed to consistently accessing her Higher Power.
She is ready for an aligned ‘more’.

More wealth, more love, more bliss, more amazingness in a way that feels good on the inside and aligned to her Soul Light.

Through in depth visualization, energy activations and creating a light spiral upward, together we will speed up all of our dreams and manifestations.

In this portal, you’ll dive deeper into your Human Design, Gene Keys as well as receive light code activations through every aspect of your personal transformation and business creation.

~ A LOVE note from
Dr. Amron Bevels ~

Amron is one of my very favorite clients.

She went from $300 sessions to $30,000 clients.

Seeing her transform has been a dream come true.  She was 100% committed to her journey from the very beginning, and it truly shows in her level of transformation. 

She courageously takes her women leader clients to their personal next level, and it is such a JOY to experience all the sparkly vibes.  Soul loving you, Amron! 




✨ ☞ more sparkly client love...

Samantha Blossom in Bali, Indonesia

Together we’ll be creating a fast frequency of light to bring your Wealth + Abundance Vortex into the real world in record time.

Let’s BLING UP and discuss all things...

  • money energetics, client love, bliss,
  • product + program creation,
  • relationships, business creation
  • & all things to quantum accelerate manifestation time.

We get to collapse time and sparkle up all of your creation programs together.

The Oracle



This is a High-Touch Space.


 1 LIVE Class per month ~ 60-90min
(1st week every mo. @12:12PST)

Jan 14 | The Quantum Multi-Verse
Feb 11th | Collapsing Time
Mar 11th | Doing the BLING Thing
Apr 8th | Compound Energetics
May 6th | Next Level BLING
Jun 3rd | Multi Dimensional BLING Bliss

 1 LIVE Zoom Q&A ~ 60-90min
(3rd week every mo.)

✧ BLING buddy energetics work

✧ FB Group Support 

✧ Monthly Bling Journal Prompts

✧ 30% OFF all my online courses 

✧ 1 @ 30min Session 

per month / person



VIP Option:

(8 spots available)

++ Private WhatsApp group 

(Coaching & Light Codes via text/voice M-F, 9-5pm,

48hr max response time but often much faster 😘)

+ 1 @ 60 min session per month / person


Hi sweet love! 

Enrollment for HyperBling is currently closed. 

If you'd like to get on the waitlist for the next round, email me at [email protected]  to be the first to know when the next enrollment opens!  Yay!!  xoxo


Next Program Dates: 





 Regular : $5555 / 6 months

VIP Package :  $8888 


Regular : $1111/month*

VIP Package :  $1555/month*

*with 6 month commitment


Bonus Sparkles!

As an extra yummy bonus, I'm including my BLISS Chemistry Class (a $222 value) in this bundle for free!  Get Instant Access when you sign up for HyperBling!  Yay!

You are such a magical and Divine Being.

You truly get to be, do, feel and have it all.  I am so honored and so excited to get to serve you in this work.

This will be so much fun! Seeing you sparkled up in this portal!

Let’s co-create this new world together. 

Yayy!! xoxo


Hi Gorgeous Starlight, 

I'm so happy you're here! 

While you're still shopping, I'd love to invite you to my LIT UP Activation for free, as a glimpse into my universe and to FEEL what my work is all about.

You are always in the ‘game’ of planting seeds in the NOW moment.  This is really one of the biggest pieces in manifesting your dreams & living your best life.  

This is a wholeness journey and an opportunity to communicate with all the different aspects of you and to bring a lot of your power and energy into the NOW.

Can't wait to see you inside!



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Your Desires are the Universe Speaking to You.

You get to live your best life NOW.