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Why Attracting Energy Rich Clients will Boost up your Business.

#business #entrepreneur Oct 29, 2018

Energy rich clients are those high vibrational clients that nourish you and nourish the system you're creating.

It's the clients that the moment you see them, you feel so happy, high and so light inside. They feel the same way when they see you. You may be working on dark or heavy topics/ emotions together, but it feels like a fun and uplifting game that you're collaboratively working through. It feels more like friends connecting and high vibing each other than it feels like work.

It's really an energy thing.

Incredible energy + Awesome energy = out of this world energy.

That's what happens when you are working with your most incredible dream client. A chemical reaction of awesomeness occurs.

When your client base is filled with these energy rich clients, you'll start to see that the entire vortex of energy of your business matrix starts to rise. Your clients start to get better faster and the rest of the clients entrain to the highest vibrational client in your client group. This...

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