Thoughts, Words and Energetics that can turn your business matrix energetics ON.

Dec 10, 2022

First I want to make it super clear that whether your business is booming or not is not a personal reflection of you.


You are a Divine Being and you are eternally awesome and amazing forever. Period. That will never ever change. 


The very real ups and downs that go along with business creation truly are not a reflection of how good or bad of a person you are, if you have good thoughts or negative thoughts. It simply is something that we get to keep experimenting and playing with until things work. So the more that you can take the personal emotions out of the game, the easier it will be to thrive. Neutrality is a superpower in the game of business creation.


Having solid business routines and structures in place is also super essential in the creation of your business energetics.


Now with that said, there are also some very powerful mindset shifts and emotional shifts that can remarkably adjust the way your business creation flows.


The more we work on our energy and our mindset, the things that we create are birthed from a different intention field which could skyrocket results when paired with the right strategies and routines.


Here are some fun mindset shifts to play with. You’ll know a thought is working in the right direction for you when it feels good. You may even feel your body sway a little and relax a little. This is how you know that the thought flows with you and lands with you.


As you practice a new thought, you’re sending a new energy frequency and signal into your body. The more you practice the new thought, the more this becomes a new imprint in your energy field. The new thought and the new emotions will then guide you to new empowered actions. You’ll feel the inspiration to create from the inside.



✨ What is the soul of my business wanting to share with me?

✨ Where can my systems be more organized or efficient? What can be easier? What can save time? What can be more fun?

✨ Where can I clean up my intention field? How can I be even more honest with myself?

✨ What is my actual WHY?

✨ Which direction do I actually want to go?

✨ What feels good in my body? What doesn’t? Which things can I hire someone else to do? Which things do I genuinely love and desire to do myself?



I am so grateful for my incredible and amazing business.

✨ I love that my business is an artist expression of me.

✨ I love that I get to play and create in my business.

✨ I love that my business keeps growing and expanding in all of the right ways.

✨ I love how fun it is to hang out with my business.

✨ I love that I have really healthy boundaries with my business.

✨ I love how much my business trusts me and I trust it.



What kinds of thoughts do you have about your clients?

To tune into the right frequency, feel into:

✨ My clients are powerful and capable.

✨ My clients know exactly how to find me.

✨ My clients are super clear that I am the exact medicine and solution for them.

✨ The clients in my world are energetic, lively and fun to be with.

✨ The clients in my world are fast action takers and are intuitive to energies.

✨ The clients in my world love investing and feel good and easy about their investments with me.

✨ The clients in my world are all about truth and authenticity.



✨ The way I run my business becomes clearer and more streamlined everyday.

✨ New business solutions that allow my business to be easier find me often.

✨ My team is smooth and runs really well.

✨ Everyone on my team adds value and I trust all of my team members.



✨ The people that work with me are intuitive and know exactly what I love.

✨ The people that I hire are so easy to work with and are brilliant.



✨ Money loves finding its way to me.

✨ Money feels good and safe in my world.

✨ Money loves to stay with me.

✨ Money in my business keeps growing and growing.

✨ Money finds me and my business attractive.



✨ I always have more than enough time.

✨ Time is comfortable and spacious in my world.

✨ I have a really incredible and magical relationship with time.

✨ I seem to be able to fit more things into a day than most.

✨ I’m able to create a lot of things in a short amount of time.


These are just a few examples that you get to play with. Of course writing and feeling into your own will be the most powerful potions for yourself. You can also find a positive affirmation app that you love and record some of these so you can listen to them when you desire. It’s fun to listen to them while you’re on the track, in the morning or before bed. You can also practice writing them or saying them out loud. 


It’s as if you are training your energy field to flow and operate in a new way.


I’m so excited for you to explore these new mindset shifts. When we have really yummy thoughts about our business, business creation world can become really fun and exciting. Your thoughts are so powerful and you deserve to use your mind to create the things you genuinely desire.