The 5 best energetic practices to magnetize your clients.

Jan 04, 2023


This is one of the Q’s that I get from my clients often so I thought this would be a great topic to discuss.


We’ve all been in those moments when we’re waiting for our clients to make a decision on a new contract or renewing a contract. There’s also the times when you KNOW that you’ve done all the marketing pieces, all the strategy steps and now you’re just in waiting to receive mode. These are the moments that require the most emotional mastery and the most powerful positive mindset to keep everything flowing smoothly and in motion.


  1. Stay in the YES Vibe all day. Stay in this YES vibe for yourself. The more that you practice feeling this YES feeling all day around little things, the more you’re putting your body and your energy field into the receptive mode. Feel into, my body wants a coffee, YES. My body wants this tea, YES. My body wants to go outside and enjoy the sunshine YES. Feel into the practice of keeping your body in this open flowing YES frequency. This is putting your whole system into the receptive YES mode. When you say YES to you, then others are more likely to desire to say YES to you as well.

  2. Energetically prepare. If you know this client or the next client was for sure saying yes, what are all of the things that you can do to feel into the ‘ready and available state’. Do you have any cleaning or organizing to do? Organizing files? Do you have any prep work to do for the client to prepare for their arrival? Is there anything for you to rehearse in your imagination so that you can feel ready and prepared for their arrival? Is there anything for you to study to prepare so that you feel even more knowledgeable about a certain topic? This may be you studying the latest trends in your field so that you’re up to date with the newest information. If it’s a specific program that you’re offering, is there something that you want to update or adjust in the program to feel even more amazing about it?

  3. The feeling frequency of you’re already good enough NOW. This is such a big one. Notice if you have any tiny thoughts of, “I’m still not good enough. I’m still not ready.” Then we want to shift into,

    I am so ready for this! This is as simple as me waking up and brushing my teeth.

    I am so ready for this! I have been doing this my entire life.

    I am so ready for this! I am the most qualified and the most epic person for this job! Of course this will be such a win win for both of us!

    Breathe into the feeling of how fun it will be for both you and your client to be spending magical time together! Imagine how happy your client will be when they work with you and what will change in their life!

  4. Write a letter to their Spirit. Take some time to write a letter from your heart. Really feel the details of how fun it would be to connect and to work together. You may want to share details with your client that would be more difficult to share in person. Such as how powerful you feel the transformation will be by working together. You may even share the feeling of how certain you are that by working together there will be incredible solutions that come his or her way.

    This exercise really supports you in clarifying the ideas of exactly why you feel so driven and excited to work with this client. What is it that you want to experience and create together? This is an opportunity for you to send a really clear signal out into the Universe. It supports you and your potential client with having a really clear picture of what working together would look like and feel like. After you write the letter, feel free to toss it into the recycling bin or burn it. It’s not something you need to go back to. Just write it and let it go to the Universe.

  5. What are all of the things that you can do to increase your own energy? Do you drink ginger and green juice drinks? Do you go workout? Do you hang out with your favorite friends to laugh and charge up? Do you practice yoga? Do you meditate? Do you tap into your mastermind? What is it that’s going to get you into your own peak elevated state of mind? What actions will you take to get yourself into feeling your most energetically and emotionally available state of being? 


Realize that when a client decides to work with you, it’s because they desire to power up and add good feelings and extraordinary energy in their life. When you lead yourself into feeling and experiencing your own highest frequency energy, then your client can feel into how this reality will shift and change and even upgrade their life.


Ooooo I know I said 5, but this 6th tip just popped in.


6. What thoughts would you have if you KNEW that your clients were powerful and capable? They are powerfully finding you. They are powerfully ready and available to work with you. They are excited to connect with you. They are financially and emotionally prepared to work with you. They are willing to give their all when they say yes to working with you.

Knowing that your client is powerful and capable, how will you feel?


When two clients come together to co-create, worlds shift and change. Trust that your clients know and understand that you are the absolute best medicine for them. Believe that the Universe has plans for both of you and that your meeting together is for a Higher Power. Something magical is getting created between the two of you. If your client decides not to work with you, then it is opening up doors and opportunities for new clients to flood through. Get really comfortable with a ‘no’ and see it more as a ‘not right now’. Do not for a single moment feel disappointed. Breathe and trust that the Universe is quickly rearranging things for the next client to find their way to you. Stay in the feeling frequency of wholeness and connection for as many hours during the day as you can.


So remember that it really is an energy game. How can you get into your happiest feeling frequency? And stay there? 


My favorite thing is to see you succeed. Email me when clients come flooding in! Woohoo! Loving you to the moon and stars and back. 


Your Opulence Oracle,
Samantha Blossom