HEAL painful periods. Moon Cycle Magic.

May 05, 2024

Women are designed to feel so good and magical in their bodies.

Growing up I dealt with painful period from age 9 to age 30. For 21 years of my life I had the most painful period ever. I hope that every woman on the planet gets access to this magic. Every month my menstrual cycle feels so good. I don't even notice it and often don't even remember that it's happening. The cycle is regular and my mood feels amazing.


This magic healed me so much, so my wish is that this heals you as well.


Let's start with understanding how painful these periods were for me. I used to black out for at least 4 hours every month the moment it started. I would go into a cold sweat, my face would turn white. I often projectile vomited. I had times when I passed out in the middle of a shower and had to have friends carry me naked out of the shower. I had times when I passed out on the subway and had strangers hold me and walk me to the hospital. During high school, it was so intense that the moment my teachers so my face, they knew what was happening and excused me from class immediately.

Having something so debilitating in your body would make you question how you're going to make it in this lifetime. At the time I questioned how I was ever going to have an actual job in this lifetime with this very unpredictable monthly experience.


So here is how my body healed:

1.) I received consistent BodyTalk sessions. I later found out that my half sister on my dad's side had this same exact issue and had to have a hysterectomy. In my BodyTalk sessions I healed several past lives where I was afraid of my own power and my own healing abilities.

2.) I received a BodyTalk session from John Veltheim who is the creator of BodyTalk. He did a session for me where he energetically lifted the position of my womb up. After this session, I was guided to a functional nutritionist that had me release sugar from my diet. (The way BodyTalk works is that since your consciousness is updated, you'll be guided to new experiences and new practitioners.)

3.) I took sugar out for 3 entire months. I was very meticulous about this. I didn't eat out at places where there was any sugar even tucked away in sauces. I made sure to read all the labels and did the best that I could to have eat zero white sugars. I had blueberries, strawberries and green apples. Those were my only sources of sugar for those 3 months.

4.) I purchased a yoga studio. The significance of this was that I claimed my power. I decided to fully be in my body. Overnight I was managing 14 yoga teachers and a 3000 sq. ft yoga studio and wellness center. It forced me to be in my body and to really claim my life.


The week after I purchased the studio, I never ever had painful periods again. Can you imagine? I experienced this for 21 years of my life. Even several months after the symptoms completely disappeared I would keep checking in to see if it was maybe a fluke. I feel so incredibly blessed that this healed in my body. Even in this current moment while writing this article I am actually on my moon cycle and feel magically amazing.


More details.


I think part of this manifestation was that my mom had told me she was disappointed that I was a girl. So I think hearing that over and over again I was in some way rejecting that I was a woman. One of my good friends told me that she loved the swishes and swirls of red colors from her moon cycle that for the first time I started to see my menstrual cycle as artistic and something beautiful. Instead of rejecting something beautiful that my body naturally did every month, I began to actually receive it and to receive myself.


Affirmations to SuperCharge your Moon Cycle:

🤍 I LOVE the flow of my body.
🤍 I LOVE and trust my body as it is.
🤍 I honor my flow.
🤍 I trust my body knows exactly what to do at any time.
🤍 I LOVE being a woman.
🤍 Being a woman is beautiful, powerful, fun, exciting and freeing.
🤍 My moon cycle is a symbol of my beauty, my power, my magic. I'm allowed to be in my full power and magic.
🤍 I feel incredibly grounded and supported by the earth and its people.
🤍 I fully claim my space. I get to take up space here.

Find words that support you in very powerfully claiming yourself and your truth. As you fully land inside of your body, your body will naturally heal.


Oftentimes these lower chakra discomforts happen when we're afraid to fully be in our full and complete power. When you take the time to truly ground into your power, you'll begin to see miracles happen.


So excited to see how this will magically transform your universe.


Seeing you live your most blissed out life.