Manifest Happy Money 101

beautiful money bliss money happy money manifest money miracle money Apr 30, 2024

Everything in your Universe are all tiny oscillating building blocks. 

It may look very physical and yet underneath it all it is energy, vibration and emotion.

Feeling good and happy about what we create is very different than creating something from fear and control.

I've been studying the energetics of money since before 2019 and not all money is created the same. Happy Money tends to create more good health, happiness, beautiful experiences and pure bliss in your life versus controlled, stressed, forceful money may create very different experiences in your life.


What creates happy money?

You feel happy giving it and receiving it. The energy of it feels easy and it feels good.

Why is this difficult for some to achieve?

Many people mix money with survival programs. The fear of 'needing to survive' gets mixed up with the creation energy.

How can I create more Happy Money in my life?

Money flows in and out of your life all day long. If you think about it, the shoes you're wearing were created from money. The food you just ate was purchased with money. So turn your happiness and gratitude around money ALL THE WAY UP. See it happy and dancing in your imagination. 

What attracts happy money?

When you're happy, you attract more happy money. Imagine your clients happy, imagine your money happy and dancing and imagine yourself happy and dancing. The more you visualize and feel the sensation of happiness, the more likely this will be magnetized into your Universe.

What do I do when I can't have happy thoughts about money?

In those moments when you're so deep in your emotions that you cannot have a single happy, good feeling thought about money, then steer your attention to cherries, leaves, the sky, water. Focus on something else. Don't think or talk about money when you're not in a good or happy mood. Wait until you're in a vibrant and happy state before you come back to think about money.

How do I manifest more happy money in my life?

What you think about you bring about. Think about the thing that you want with a lot of joy and happiness, then it's much easier to magnetize it in. You may be in the middle of manifesting a new client or project. See this new client happy. See yourself happy. See the exchange of money feel good and feel happy. Stabilize this in your imagination.

What can I do to practice having happier money?

Choose beautiful credit cards that you LOVE. Place your money in a gorgeous wallet that makes you light up. Surround money conversations with flowers, lightness and beauty. Let the people around you know that when you speak of money, it's your desire to speak about it with happy and vibrant emotions. When speaking about money, think about your best friend. Use respectful words and happy tones.


This is a collective effort. Day by day we get to shift this magical force field together. As we raise the frequency and vibration of money, we'll find that the exchange of money becomes easier, lighter and more playful. We'll also begin to feel how FREE money can truly be in our lives, when we decide to surround it with happy and beautiful thoughts.