You Get to Have What You Want Now.

energetics law of attraction manifestation Dec 30, 2021
You get to have what you want now.

Hi Gorgeous Starlight!


Today we get to talk about your relationship with TIME. 


I think you’re going to want to read this entire post because it’s going to be a juicy one and I feel like this may be a super ascension key to accessing so many of your dreams and desires.


I’m so excited to break this piece down together!


Our relationship with time is just like our relationship with anything and everything else.   And the KEY to our relationship with time is really our relationship with ourselves and our relationship to the thoughts that float around in our minds.  Which thoughts we allow to create for us or not.


When we truly take a look at role models like Oprah, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Marie Forleo etc… we can see that they have the same 24 hours in a day as everyone else does.


So what allows these magical people to create at the level they create?


  • The energy behind HYPER-TIME manifestation +creation is the DRIVE.

  • What accelerates the DRIVE is the VISION.

  • What powers the VISION is the KNOWING.

  • What creates the KNOWING is the BELIEF + the TRUST.

  • What fuels the TRUST is the complete belief in YOURSELF and your connection to the Universe.

  • And your TRUST in all of the people, situations, things, circumstances around you.


YOU KNOW everyone has your back.  And because you KNOW, then they will.


So starting from the very core, your relationship with time has to do with YOU believing that YOU CAN have what you want - and that you CAN have it now.

If the belief is always... “someday I’ll meet my soul mate” “someday I’ll make my first $100k month” “someday I’ll open a retreat center” “someday I’ll be a billionaire”... then the energy will always be in Someday Land.



Let’s bring the power and the ENERGY into the NOW moment.



lights something up in you.  

When this feeling turns on, it awakens your Kundalini Channels (the ida, pingala and sushumna channels) and energy surges up your spine and into your brain.

  • When this energy is turned on, your brain functions at a higher operational level.

  • This turns on the magnetism in your Aura.

  • Your internal excitement and spiritual fuel is what ignites this energy inside of you.

  • The burning desire you have is the desire for the Cosmos to create through you.

  • You feel super excited about a creation because the Cosmos feels really lit up and excited about a creation and the creation can only come through into physical form, through you.


So how do we access this NOW MOMENT BURNING DESIRE that drives us to create more?  Let’s look at some ‘thought’ pattern shifts.




⬆️ It Gets to Be Me. (This one is HUGE.) 

⬆️ I get to be the one who is the star of the show.

⬆️ I get to be the one who is paid well.

⬆️ I get to be the one who is living in my favorite environment on the planet.

⬆️ I get to be the one who is deeply madly in love and having passionate hot sex.

⬆️ I get to be the one who is surrounded by the most amazing yummy friends.

⬆️ I get to be the one driving around in the baby blue Vespa with the wind flowing in my hair.

⬆️ I get to be the one talking on the podcasts, writing the book, being in the scene.


“It Gets to Be Me."


I’m On TIME.

I’m ON Track.

I’m AHEAD of the game.


Feel THIS now.

  • I am exactly where I am meant to be.

  • I am doing all the right things and taking all of the right actions.

  • Everything that I am doing and creating right now is awesome and amazing.

  • All of my employees are doing so amazing that we’re ahead of the game this year.

  • I feel so good, my work is finished early today.

  • I feel so good, I have so much free time today.

  • I feel so good, I’m doing a good job now.

  • I feel so amazing about all of my decisions and creations up to this point and I’m excited about my new creations and my new decisions.

  • I trust me NOW.  I’m on Time.  I’m ON track.  I’m AHEAD of the game.


☝ FEEL THIS regardless of what is showing up for you in your external world.  Let the FEELING ENERGY pull things into creation.


I get to be the one.


💖 I get to be the one working with this dream client that I love.

💖 I get to be the one speaking in a room full of people where everyone is so excited to hear my every word.

💖 I get to be the one where people are so excited to send me love notes and shower gifts to.

💖 I get to be the one that has really good luck everywhere I go.

💖 I get to be the one. 


Instead of visualizing or seeing the imagery outside of you or in some future timeline or seeing someone else experiencing it, pull the vision closer.  See YOURSELF inside of the imagery.  Then SEE yourself accessing it now.

As you begin to practice the VIBRATION of NOW...

...this is what will begin to happen:

  • You will have a new relationship with time.

  • Suddenly, you get things done so much faster.

  • Clients reach out to you at HyperSpeed.

  • Things show up for you out of the blue. 

  • Your job is to manage the energy and become an excellent receiver.

  • You have better ideas.

  • All of a sudden the ideas that you have work really well and are more efficient and flow so much faster.

  • People around you can feel you even more.

  • All of a sudden the people around you support you on your vision and your goal easily. They feel the vibration and decide to show up with you and for you.


✨ The signals that your brain is emitting to the people around you has shifted and changed so the way that they respond to you will shift and change. 


This world is SOOO fun!!!

It is so fun to create at Hyper-Speed, receive at Hyper-Seed, enjoy life at Hyper-Speed because essentially it is YOU letting more of YOU in.

It is YOU receiving more of YOU in.

And I am so excited to play in this world and in this Universe with you.  Because when you feel super soul sparkled up, everyone around you benefits.  When you’ve truly experienced what it feels like to love yourself deeper, everyone around you feels this. 

And I am so excited for you to keep awakening to more and more of this level of bliss.




All of my sparkly love!!!


⬆️ Seeing you Create @ Hyper-Speed!  Woohoo!