🥳 🎂 Birthday Sparkles...! Looking back on an incredible year ✨✨

Dec 07, 2021
Samantha Blossom in Santa Barbara, California

Hi Sweet Magical Loves!


Ahhh... it is my 39th year around the sun.

I am already sparkle tearing as I write these initial words.  I am so grateful that you’ve been with me on this journey of growth and evolution every step of the way.

Some of you I get to speak with in person, and others of you I get to connect with in the Quantum World through the ethers, and both are so magical and blissful.

This year I have learned + experienced some of the most incredible and extraordinary things about myself, about people and about the world.


It seems so basic and simple and ‘of course’ and foundational… and it seems that I arrive at these same truths over and over again, but different layers of the understanding of it all... And I am so happy to get to share this with you in this moment.


This year over and over again I have learned that…


You can truly create something out of what seems to be nothing.


💖  This year I have experienced overnight some of the deepest friendships and the yummiest life changing conversations over delicious tea and sparkling wine.


💖 This year I have seen businesses go from complete sparkles of a start up to making their first $1M year and me stepping back and being in awe of this magical Queen goddess.


💖 This year I have seen entrepreneurs shift from being so stressed out and worried about their business to truly relaxing into their bodies and feeling the full sweetness and bliss of life.

  • Redirecting their energy and focus towards the creation of deep intimacy and love in ways they never even expected or experienced.

  • And I am in awe as I feel the lightness and the energy emanating from them.


💖 This year I experienced the beauty and the luxuries of Greece and tantra for the first time in my life. I felt on an even deeper level the network of light that is available to all of us when we decide to powerfully unite and connect our superpower together.  I saw the speed at which things are created from this vibration and this connection.


💖 This year I received my first book contract (more details to come) and I’ve seen myself as an author for so many years of my life, and this year it simply occurred and happened for me.  The Universe gently opened the door for me and it simply happened for me and I have no words except pure bliss from the feeling of truly being on track.


💖 This year I parted ways with my beloved and I got to see him connect with his new Queen who is an evolutionary match for him. We were able to part ways while continuing to celebrate each other’s growth and evolution, a kind of spiritual maturity that I had always imagined and dreamed of when consciously uncoupling in partnership.

We got to see each other thrive in all new ways and we’re both so excited for each other’s adventures.



💖 This year, I reconnected with one of my oldest grade school friends from when I was 10 years old.  We were able to share stories, support each other in our evolution and detangle old miscommunications.  The Universe sent us both to each other at a time when we both desired immense support, and we were the perfect match for each other.  It was one of the most amazing miracles and gifts I’ve experienced and witnessed. Something completely and totally unexpected.


💖 This year one of my best friends Dan Mendilow actually moved into the city I live in. We’ve known each other for over 6 years and never lived in the same city and we finally did.  Another completely unexpected miracle and I’ve been partying it up and having fun ever since.


💖 This year I got to visit Spencer Burnett, one of my very first mastermind buddies in Costa Rica.  I jet skied for the very first time. Went on a chocolate tour.  Had some of my own deepest spiritual re-awakenings simply from being on the land.  I felt at times so deeply immersed in the jungle.  The entire country replenished my energy field in a way that I never would have expected. 


💖 This year I was reunited with one of my very best friends in this lifetime, Heidi.  She has seen all of my shadows, my organized self, my dis-organized self and she has worked with me in creating this new brand this year and I have sooooo much love and gratitude for her as a sister and her as an artist, writer, designer, all the things.  My heart is so full that the universe brought us together to continue this dream together. (Funny story, we actually had this vision 12 years ago, and now it’s actually coming into form...more about that story in the future).

The level of creativity that we’ve been able to inspire each other into creating has been some of the most extraordinary feelings and vibrations I’ve ever felt and I’m beyond grateful every single day. Thank you for your incredible love and presence Heidi.


💖 This year I’ve been able to connect with some of my previous clients as friends and catch and hear about their worlds and I have loved every single moment of magic together. I am forever grateful for all of my past clients, current clients, future clients, past students, current students and future students. The love and the co-creation we get to experience together… is out of this world and is so special to me. 


💖 This year I have seen clients with hearts broken, mended again, relationships lost, and mended again.  I’ve seen tears when businesses didn’t go their way and the courage and boldness when they got back up and sparkled up again.

  • I’ve seen breakdown after breakdown and breakthrough after breakthrough.

  • And I’ve seen people learn to hold the polarity of both having and not having, and strengthen their deep unconditional love even more.

  • I have been in awe as they step deeper into their power and into their mystical courage.

  • The transformations I’m seeing are on a level where they will never be the same because their self trust is so deep, and this warms my heart in every way.


💖 This year, I have seen some of the most beautiful spaces. Soaked in sunsets and sunrises with vast ocean views. Trees that whispered joyful wishes to me of their love for the people and the planet, and me seeing their wishes fulfilled.


💖 This year I have opened my heart more than I think I could ever comprehend.  A deeper sense of self love and love for others, simply for pure existence.  I see the beauty in the dark and the light, the shadow and the genius.  I see how every single intricate piece is so important for the growth and the evolution of the individual.


💖 This year I have been able to have some of the deepest conversations with my mother, my grandmother and my cousins.  I’ve been able to have lighter and deeper relationships where we can truly see where each other are at and where each other are desiring to go without the need to control each other’s paths.  We’re here to support each other’s own navigational system.


💖 This year is the year that Soulit dispersed and no longer was a business group but stayed a goddess collective.  I got to experience what it felt like to close a business and be in joy and laugh.  We chatted together, talked, laughed it out and all decided we wanted the same things.  Another level of spiritual maturity that endings don’t have to be hard.  They can be sweet, nurturing and loving.  They can be expansive for all involved.


💖 This year I deepened my relationship with some of my closest goddess sisters.  We had hard conversations.  We had tears and broken hearts.  And we grew stronger and closer together.  We melted what wasn’t us and stepped deeper into who we truly are and focused on our vision and our passion for a brighter future for the planet. 

We continued every single day to remind each other of who we are and why we are here… even with everything trying to distract us and subtly dim our light… we decided to hold hands and keep each other’s lights turned on.


As I look back on this year, I feel so full.

I feel alive in a way where I’m even more deeply accepting my seemingly imperfect human flaws.  I see that those are all of the reasons why each one of us are so special.  It’s the parts of us that make each one of us so unique that we are so drawn to each other.  Us embracing what makes us each different is what makes the experience of life so luscious and so creative.

As my bestie Heidi once said, “This is why we split ourselves up” as we were getting our spa massage in Shanghai, China.  In order for us to experience more combinations of life and creation, we as a whole ONE Cosmic Life Force had to split ourselves so that we could enjoy each other’s company and play.


I am so immensely grateful and honored that I get to play with you. Growing with you, seeing you evolve, feeling those little inner awakenings that you experience when you read a newsletter, watch a LIVE, read one of my posts.  That’s my everything. 


Thank you for being on this amazing journey with me.


My love sparkles to you in every way throughout all the realms.


Thank you for being so BOLD, so BRAVE, so COURAGEOUS to show up every day. Your presence is everything.



Samantha Blossom