Samantha Blossom
Samantha Blossom

WELCOME New Clients:



60min Energy Initiation Session

You get to choose between 3 Core Energy Initiation Sessions (Body Talk & Reiki, Gene Keys, Human Design) to activate your superpowers, supercharge your manifestations & deeply connect with your soul signature magic.

The insights & energy upgrades you’ll receive in these sessions will support you in living a truly sparkly, blissful & opulent life!

✨ Who is this offer for? ✨
This Special Offer is for all NEW clients, as well as returning clients who have not received a session in longer than 6 months.

LOVE Investment: $555




60 min Energy Initiation Session 

🗝️✨ Unlock your Full SOUL Brand Expression with Human Design & Gene Keys!

Your brand is a FREQUENCY. To truly prosper and be fully recognized for your gifts, it’s essential to be able to clearly articulate and communicate your inner essence into the outer world.

Exploring Your Brand Energetics supports you in fine tuning your Business Matrix & Authentic Soul Expression so that you can more easily & deeply connect with the magical, soul-aligned humans around you.

Together we will explore:

Your Conscious Sun in Human Design from the perspective of Brand Energetics.

Your Brand Sphere in Gene Keys

The Energetics of Your Business Matrix (Current & Your Authentic Vision)

💖 The intention of this exploration is for you to feel even more LIT UP and joyful in your business, and in the way that you express your SOUL Essence with the world.

Brand Energetics Sessions can be booked every 3-6 months to continuously fine tune and enhance awareness of the frequency of your BRAND.

 LOVE Investment: $555


Blossom into Incredible YOU

VIP 1:1 Containers


Our work together is to allow you to freely express the fullest version of you with bliss and ease. 

There are aspects of your soul’s super genius that have yet to be tapped into, and it’s our work together to remove the stress patterns and download new solutions to allow your FULLEST expression to light up in your body, money and business world.

In our time together, we tap into the quantum field to create portals and new timelines to move energy with ease and speed.

Together we amplify the energetics of your desires, so be ready for fast and instantaneous change.



As we activate the healer within you and the High Self within you, you will begin to transmute, alchemize, re-arrange, re-organize, upgrade, optimize, download new light frequencies, new sound frequencies and access new Sacred Codes to allow your fullest expression to be expressed on the Earth Plane.

My role is to navigate with you so that you’re empowered to access this energy and wisdom for your own body.

Consistently running a high frequency of light energy with you, it allows for your energy field to be more malleable and for change to occur at a faster pace.  Your cells will begin to vibrate at a higher and faster frequency.

Past life Karmic Patterns and Ancestral Karmic Patterns will begin to clear and dissolve as is in accordance with your Highest Good.  You will learn how to tend to your own light body and to be able to continue to keep upgrading your energetic light field.

The power is in your own intentions and in your own connection to Cosmic Source Energy.

Taster OPTION I:


taster experience I

90 min Session via Zoom or in Person + 2 Weeks Voxer/WhatsApp Portal

Access your Highest Expression Timeline.

Experience DNA upgrades and light code activations.  Feel shifts and changes on a cellular level.  This is a transformation at quantum speed.  Together we will explore your Human Design, Gene Keys, and Astrology.

While observing your energetic blueprint, we will use BodyTalk to update and repair DNA Coding. Past Lives and Ancestral Timelines get to be explored in this journey.

Receive a 90 min recording that you can play and access over and over again + 2 Weeks of Voxer/WhatsApp to speed up your manifestation time.

Energetic Investment: $1888



2 Day QUANTUM Portal Mastermind

taster experience II

We meet in person for 2 back to back days or via Zoom from 10am to 5pm both days with
60 min lunch + 2 @ 30 min break times.

We spend an extraordinary 2 day journey together where we deep dive into your body energetics, money beliefs and business flow and create new ways of feeling, seeing and experiencing the world.

Tuning into your Gene Keys, Human Design and Astrology world, we explore new systems and new ways of being that will allow you to shift gears and be even more in alignment with your Spirit.

Working in Design with your genuine authentic flow and genius is the most blissful feeling and you deserve to Be, Do, Feel, and Have it All. 

LOVE Investment: $8888
II day journey


stay is not included

includes light snacks

itinerary will be designed together based on the desired outcome

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Brittany Gordien


"Samantha is a cosmic superhero goddess that will change your life!!

From the moment I first connected with her, my vibration was elevated with sparkly goodness and bliss! Her authenticity, joy and light radiates juicy positivity through all she does... and her depth of knowledge on all levels of mind, body, metaphysical, spiritual, money and more is beyond anyone I've EVER met!  Being in her sacred container will immediately expand you - her energy is infectious.  She's helped me heal deep core wounds from this lifetime and beyond. 

Her intuitive downloads and insights are like having a direct link to your Highest Self.

She's been hand-lifting me up, when I couldn't see the light or feel my power.  She's ALWAYS there for you with words of wisdom, clarity and expansion.  My business increased by over 25% in our first month together and I've had my best days and weeks in business by thousands of dollars. 

My relationships have harmonized in significant ways and my body is feeling lighter than ever.  Samantha continues to be such a light and gift to me.  Knowing, connecting and working with you has inspired me beyond what words can communicate. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I love you SOULLLL MUCH!

- Brittany Gordien



Immersive Intensive Experience I

Accelerate your Manifestation Time.

We get to play together to quantum leap you into a new timeline.

Through intimate conversations about your human design, gene keys, ancestral clearing, past life clearing and integrating new light code activations from Source, we peel away the layers to allow your authentic soul essence to sparkle and shine. 


The world desires more of you and through this intimate process we create space for an even fuller version of you to emerge.

Potentials are opening portals to incredible wealth, opening access to new possibilities, faster intuition, more access to creative ideas and simply feeling even more embodied as you step into the future version of yourself.
✧ 4 @ 60 min quantum leap activation sessions
(4 sessions per month)
✧ 1 month Voxer/WhatsApp access @ 10am PST to 5pm PST, T-F (max 48 hour response time)

Investment: $8888/ month to month


3 month option: $5888/month or pay in full @ $15,888

6 month option: $5555/month or pay in full @ $32,222

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~ A LOVE note from
Dr. Amron Bevels ~

Amron is one of my very favorite clients.

She went from $300 sessions to $30,000 clients.

Seeing her transform has been a dream come true.  She was 100% committed to her journey from the very beginning, and it truly shows in her level of transformation. 

She courageously takes her women leader clients to their personal next level, and it is such a JOY to experience all the sparkly vibes.  Soul loving you, Amron! 




The QUANTUM Artist

Opulence Codes to Turn ON Bliss + Wealth + Magic

Immersive Intensive Experience II

12 Month VIP Immersion Program

This is my most intimate program.

I will be your business bestie and energetically supporting you with your business creation for 12 months.  

In this container, you have the fullest access to my manifestation powers. 

We will be co-creating side by side to nourish you into your New World Timeline.

The Quantum Artist

What's Included in Your 12 Month Journey:


1-on-1 VIP Experience

5 x 30-90min Sessions / month includes:

🤍 1 x Quantum Particle + BodyTalk Activation Session

🤍 1 x Human Design in depth Transmission

🤍 1 x Gene Keys Inner Awakening Light Transmission

- PLUS -

🤍 WhatsApp or Voxer: Tues-Friday @ 10am-5pm with 48 hour response time

🤍 1 x Bonus 45min Energetics Session (topic of your choice, book at your leisure)

🤍 1 in person VIP day (Valued @ $8888)



BONUS: In depth Self Study Portals for Opulence + Manifestation:

🤍 The Oracle Codes (Valued @ $3333)

🤍 Bling: A Money Manifestation Program (Valued @ $1111)

🤍 HyperBling + SparkleBling Biz Energetics (Valued @ $14,444)

🤍 The Money Codes (Valued @ $1111)

Total Bonus: $19,999



 $11,111/month for 12 months or $111,111 pay in full

Tell me more about the QUANTUM Artist!

Still feeling into which portal is right for you?

Book a free 20min consultation call with Samantha where we get to explore the possibility of working together.


Your Desires are the Universe Speaking to You.

You get to live your best life NOW.