A 6 to 12 month Exquisite Mastermind Portal
to create your most Blissed Out Universe.

You’re ready for a life that FEELS as good as it looks.

Your heart is the key to all of this magic.

What if you taught yourself to love even more powerfully & feel even more magical in your every day life?
Feel into the ripple effect of creating everything from this energy of LOVE. 

Imagine a world filled with gorgeous soul aligned clients, cozy happy home space, magical vacations and a life aligned with the pure absolute abundance of the Universe.

Let's teleport into a magical world that's designed by your soul fireūüĒ•.
A ripple effect of goodness & happiness all over the planet awaits.




Yours Truly,

Samantha Blossom

Her depth of knowledge on all
levels of mind, body, metaphysical,
spiritual, money and more is
beyond anyone I’ve ever met!


In one week, I made $30K which was the most I’ve made in my business in 8 years… and that’s just the beginning.


Positive Energy & Creativity fuels you. Imagine Everything You Touch Turns to Gold.

Sisters that LOVE you is the heart of true +
pure MASTERMIND energetics.

In a true Mastermind, each individual sees each other
from a Power to Power space.

Imagine having POWER to POWER conversations daily.

We are all equally powerful AND our power is unique, special, magical and different.

Coming together we leverage each other's SUPERPOWERS.

Our incredible energy coming together creates a wave of light that is so powerful the entire planet can feel you. This is how we increase our energy & impact together.


Mindset + Energetics + Frequency + Soul Aligned Action


Empress your Soul is Divinely powerFULL. Your Soul actually knows the exact actions to take. When you take soul aligned action, your entire world feels like magic. Our work together is to tune into your Power Goddess daily. 

She has all the keys for you. She knows the fastest & most efficient path that takes you to your true freedom + bliss + joy + magic.

Together, we strengthen your connection with her and we keep reminding you of your own power + soul genius. The Mastermind Effect powers up your courage to take even more impactful actions.

What makes this space so
special & magical?


These are sisters that you fall in LOVE with. Creating with your magical sisters makes life that much more meaningful & magical. You know that you're coming together to create really gorgeous energy together.

Every conversation that happens within the mastermind is high frequency energetic gold.

You'll find that these curated groups are Divinely Guided.

To me... your energy body is so unique. My job is to activate and bring out the gifts & magic that is already inside of you. The Mastermind comes together to amplify this love & energy.

The Brand Evolution

Your message & purpose is a living and breathing energy field. It grows and evolves with you. You're here on the planet to grow and evolve and change. This is why it is natural for your message to continually grow and evolve with you.

Together we get to keep evolving your brand story. We'll stoke & fuel the imagination to keep your Brand Story magical & fascinating. I have a strong belief that the more engaged you are with your own brand story, the more your audience falls in love with you & your biz. This translates to soul aligned clients, magical sales & impact.

The HEART Energetics


LOVE is a strong & powerful frequency. When you're in LOVE with life, with creation, with people and with everything that you've created and are creating, something really magical happens.

This LOVE makes you a magnet to dream clients, positive situations, miracles, good opportunities and all of the things.

Together we will keep strengthening this LOVE muscle. By being seen deeply daily, you'll find new ways of trusting yourself, activating yourself and feeling powerful in your everyday world. Ultimate FREEDOM is when you truly understand that your LOVE is what magnetizes everything amazing to you.

Layer by layer we get to keep clearing and healing the protective layers around your gorgeous heart. The more you love, the happier you are, the more fun you're having, the more soul aligned sales you vibe in.

Together we RISE & Amplify

By coming together to focus on our genuine desires, we boost each other up & amplify each other. Imagine each light powered soul radiating out the signal of your desire. FOCUS energy is what amplifies this goodness.

Together we smooth out the rough edges. We love on the deepest parts of you, then we rise & amp up all the goodness.

We coach each other to focus on the visionary & the dreamer within each of us. By continuously reminding each other of this powerful visionary & dreamer within, your Power Goddess Empress Identity is stabilized into 3D reality. The version of you that KNOWS you deserve all the goodness the world can offer grounds into this reality.

The Magic




Using positive language daily rewires your brain to focus on what you genuinely desire. We're always creating abundance. By choosing words & energy that amplifies what you truly desire, we quickly re-code your brain to focus on the abundance that is already available for you here.


The Vedic (Indian) Astrology tracks where the planets actually currently are. This allows your astrology to be that much more accurate which allows you to explore another aspect of your personality. We get to observe your Western Astrology & Vedic Astrology to give you a bigger picture of who you are what your soul geniuses actually are.


Human Design is your Aura + Energy Operating System. By tuning into your Human Design and getting familiar with your design, we get to leverage accessing the Flow State through operating in alignment with your Aura & Design Type.


Gene Keys is your subtle energetics software programming. By tuning into the subtle energetics of Gene Keys, we can observe what keeps your body in a fear state versus a love state. Through practice, we get to shift your body into staying aligned with your highest frequency self and stay open to love & being loving.


This is a modality that was birthed through me. This is a high frequency energy nutrient that adds energy to your cells. It increases your light quotient to allow your body to shift & change at a faster rate that is more comfortable and relaxing.


This is a modality created by John Veltheim. Through updating the communication lines between different energy systems within your body such as the communication between your organs, endocrines and cells, we support you body in getting back into the flow state. This is a very unique way to get your body back into peace and magic. This is a consciousness based healing system and addressed the root cause of an issue.


Through the rays of light energetics, we'll be tuning up your rainbow light body. Your subtle body is made of infinite colors and by using Light Codes, we get to bring your body back into a more powerful state of wholeness & magic. This supports you in healing faster and getting back into a positive state at a faster speed. Over time this also allows you to process & digest emotions faster.

What’s included in your 6 to 12
month journey:


The Euphoria Empire Collective VIP Mastermind Experience:

3 x 60 min Group Activations /month (Mondays @ 1:11pm PST)


ūü§ć 1 x¬†60 min Private 1:1 call per month

- PLUS -

ūü§ć WhatsApp: Mon-Friday @ 10am-5pm with 48 hour response time

BONUS calls when the group calls a meeting.
This can include Guest Speakers or special sessions.
We tune into the desires & flow of the Mastermind Collective's Desired Experience.

(Special Note: Time Off will be announced in advance privately in the WhatsApp Group)

Investment Energetics:

6 Month Mastermind GOLD:

$3333/month for 6 months

$1888/month for 12 months

$18,888 pif (SAVE $1110)

12 Month Mastermind PLATINUM LIT:

$2888/month for 12 months

$2000/month for 18 months

$33,333 pif (SAVE $1323)


Are you ready to turn on bliss, wealth & magic?


Client love:

Elevated Energy Content

By having higher consciousness conversations daily, your brain begins to elevate and become more positive naturally. As you become more energized in your daily conversations, the content that flows through you is naturally more positive and love infused. This gorgeous frequency energy is felt by your audience & dream clients. By shifting the frequency of your words & content, you attract energetic match clients that are more aligned to your current level of energy and power.

TRUSTING your rest & create cycle.

As a dynamic being, you have your own creation cycle. There will be moments when you desire deep rest & replenishment. There will be other times when you're in your 'go' creation mode. The Mastermind is designed to honor all aspects of you. You are always loved no matter how you show up. As a collective we trust your inner power the most. We know that you show up when it is aligned for you and you rest when it is aligned for you.

More Energy

Having more energy is a muscle that you practice. As we dive into your Human Design & Gene Keys, we'll discover natural ways to allow you to feel stronger and safer in fully incarnating into this body so that you get to show up at your fullest and most powerful self.

High Vibrational Relationships

Since we honor your unique body type, your unique creation style as well as your Human Design, this space gets to feel super magical for you. 

If you are a Manifestor in Human Design, then we LOVE having you Initiate us into a brighter future. We also trust your need & desire to rest and have alone time.

If you are a Generator then we happily welcome your happy & bubbly energy. Thank you for energizing the group and lifting us up. We LOVE watching you go go go.

If you are a Manifesting Generator, we LOVE that you move from project to project. We happily invite your ability to grow & evolve so quickly. You get to move fast and change ideas quickly and we will happily observe your energizing flow.

If you are a Projector, we welcome your guidance. We LOVE that you know more efficient ways of observing systems. We are happy to receive your insights when you see something gets to flow in a more efficient way.

If you are a Reflector we welcome your wisdom. We will also be very mindful and loving of your energy type and system. This mastermind group is energetically cleared daily so that there's no emotional residue for you to take on. We're here to create squeaky clean, happy, uplifting sparkly energy. We LOVE having your mirror back to us deeper truths.

Mastery of Flow

In this space our main intention is to choose LOVE & wholeness. While we receive guidance from Human Design, Gene Keys & Astrology, we also do not box ourselves into certain roles. These are simply tools to support us with expansion, and not tools to define us. Whenever the box of these tools no longer serve your evolution, we always get to simplify and simply come back to Presence & LOVE.

The Mastery of FLOW is an internal state of consciousness. This is a deep trust in the self, in others & in the Universe. There is also a deep trust in the Timing of events. Every little piece of the puzzle of creation is where it is meant to be. We honor this and support your body in accessing the SuperFlow state more often through the science of understanding you.

Higher Efficiency 

Be more efficient by increasing communication with your Body + Innate Wisdom. Understanding your innate guidance system creates more bliss, ease and magnetism in your life. Instead of forcing, you get to allow.

Healing Abilities.

Access Spontaneous Body Healing by integrating your body’s inner wisdom and messages more easily. Healing & recovering faster allows you to access the flow state more easily.

EUPHORIA empire Mastermind is a space to cultivate a deeper loving connection to self & soul so that the impact you create feels that much more magical for you &
your audience.

Together we get to create a life that feels as good as it looks. Through daily practice, we guide the body to feel more love, peace & positivity more often of the time. This allows you to be a leader of happiness in your world. Imagine all of the gorgeous magical souls impacted by your love & energy & guidance. My heart feels so warm and cozy knowing the ripple effect you'll be creating with the energetics from our time together.

Quantum Light Codes
+ The Quantum Particle 

BONUS Resource

This will be special DRIPPED content throughout our time together. These will be energy activations that will be felt on a body & soul & emotional energetics level. This is designed to enhance energy & speed of healing on a cellular level. The frequency of these energetics support you in accessing and staying in The Flow State more often of the time.

Just as important as air, water, food and other micronutrients, your cells also crave ‚Äėenergetic light‚Äô.

These are high frequencies of light from the 8th to 12th dimension supporting us and our planet with our evolutionary process. These updates support us on a cellular level and allow our brains to access solutions at a faster pace. This work is to increase the light quotient of the cells to turn on the SuperPower codes of the DNA.

When we increase the ‚Äėlight quotient‚Äô of our cells, our cells have more energy to be able to process and fulfill its normal daily functions.
Many stressors can decrease the amount of ‚Äėlight‚Äô a cell has access to.


In our initiations together, we’ll access deep states of meditation that connect us directly to the Quantum Field - here we will download new frequencies of light to support the spontaneous energizing of your cells.

You’ll Receive these Color Activations + Initiations:


Rose Gold Initiation

A deepening of unconditional love. An energy activation on the expansion of heart energy and the protection of heart energy. Resilience and the capacity to release words, emotions and foreign energies that close down or shut down the heart. This initiation is to support more consistent soul understandings of unconditional love.


White Gold Initiation

Working with the Crown Chakra and the thousand petaled white lotus at the crown, this initiation heals and repairs the receptor sites at the crown chakra to support tuning in directly to Source energy and higher frequency thinking.


Platinum Liquid Light Initiation

The highest frequency color that we currently have access to, this energy supports your energy field in running at a faster vibration. This speeds up manifestation time and allows your cells to have a higher light quotient. The activation supports your cells in releasing old karmic patterns at a faster rate and opens portals to receiving the new light that is currently flowing on the planet at this time. This gives you faster access to 5D consciousness and sustains living life in this consciousness field.


GOLD Light Initiation

Gold is the light of optimism, richness and warmth. This frequency initiation illuminates and enhances your lens and perspective of the world and reality. This color activation increases awareness and understanding of higher consciousness, wisdom and enlightenment.


Opal Moonstone Initiation

OPAL enhances cosmic consciousness and the understanding of the mystic arts. The opal moonstone initiation activates originality and creativity as well as enhances feelings of self worth. This activation supports the expression of your truest self.



Violet Gold Flame Initiation

VIOLET is the color of luxury, wealth, sophistication and the innate energetics of royalty. The activation of this color reminds you that your life is meant to feel lavish and luxurious simply just because. The Violet Gold initiation turns on pure love, pure peace and tranquility in the true beauty that is already available in the here and now, as to magnetize and to create more of this wealth frequency.

Our Energy Contribution to the World


Together we get to be on the leading edge by bringing more love & positivity on to the planet. It will be miraculous and wild when you begin to feel the results of choosing LOVE more often throughout the day. This is a beautiful experiment that we get to dive into and explore together as a collective. 

Imagine finding more loving words, exploring more good feelings in your body and stabilizing these really amazing magical sensations. The good feelings you feel in your body gets to radiate out into your podcast, book, YouTube Channel, your Tik Tok, your Instagram, your LinkedIn and all of your other channels of sharing your work.

You get to live a life that feels this good and your audience gets to feel this good every time they interact with you.

I believe that good karma creates a powerful wave effect. Imagine the good vibrations that will be emanating from your business. 

Seeing you magnetize the most amazing experiences ever goddess! So excited for our journey together. Thank you for choosing me as you guide in this magical world filled with wonder.

6 month EUPHORIA Empire Mastermind

EUPHORIA Empire Mastermind payment plan I


12 Months

  • 3 x¬†Mastermind Zoom Calls¬†per month (Mondays @ 1:11pm PST)

  • BONUS calls when called by the Collective
  • 1 private 1:1 call @ 60 min.

  • ¬†WhatsApp: Mon-Friday @ 9am-5pm with 48 hour response time


Pure Abundance!

EUPHORIA Empire Mastermind payment plan II


6 Months

  • 3 x¬†Mastermind Zoom Calls¬†per month (Mondays @ 1:11pm PST)

  • BONUS calls when called by the Collective
  • 1 private 1:1 call @ 60 min.

  • ¬†WhatsApp: Mon-Friday @ 9am-5pm with 48 hour response time

Ready for Magic!

EUPHORIA Empire Mastermind Pay in FULL


One Time Payment

  • 3 x¬†Mastermind Zoom Calls¬†per month (Mondays @ 1:11pm PST)

  • BONUS calls when called by the Collective
  • 1 private 1:1 call @ 60 min.

  • ¬†WhatsApp: Mon-Friday @ 9am-5pm with 48 hour response time

ALL IN Bliss!

12 month EUPHORIA Empire Mastermind

EUPHORIA Empire Mastermind payment plan I


12 Months

  • 3 x¬†Mastermind Zoom Calls¬†per month (Mondays @ 1:11pm PST)

  • BONUS calls when called by the Collective
  • 1 private 1:1 call @ 60 min.

  • ¬†WhatsApp: Mon-Friday @ 9am-5pm with 48 hour response time


A Year of Magic!

EUPHORIA Empire Mastermind payment plan II


18 Months

  • 3 x¬†Mastermind Zoom Calls¬†per month (Mondays @ 1:11pm PST)

  • BONUS calls when called by the Collective
  • 1 private 1:1 call @ 60 min.

  • ¬†WhatsApp: Mon-Friday @ 9am-5pm with 48 hour response time

Feelin' So Good!

EUPHORIA Empire Mastermind Pay in FULL


One Time Payment

  • 3 x¬†Mastermind Zoom Calls¬†per month (Mondays @ 1:11pm PST)

  • BONUS calls when called by the Collective
  • 1 private 1:1 call @ 60 min.

  • ¬†WhatsApp: Mon-Friday @ 9am-5pm with 48 hour response time

PURE Magic!

EUPHORIA Empire Mastermind Experience

Application Portal:

If you have any further questions about this container or would like to email me your application directly, feel free to write to¬†[email protected]