QUANTUM ~ A 6-month Portal into Hyper Bliss
Samantha Blossom

A Journey to Ignite your Soul Power.

QUANTUM is a VIP 1:1 Immersion

into Samantha's transformational program: 

The ORACLE Codes

✧ Sacred Mystery School
of Miracles, Magic & Magnetism ✧ 

Awakening INFINITE Prosperity,

Love & Energy 

w/ Lotus Light Key Code Alchemy

YOU are a LIGHT.

A bright star.  A light house that beams.

The unique SOUL energy FREQUENCY that you emit creates a ripple of energy that touches all of the people around you, the atmosphere and the Universe.

When you decide to embark on this journey of Lotus Light Code Activations, you accelerate the process of awakening to your True Divine Expression.  Accessing the incredible Truth of who you are opens doors to Pure Miracles, Magic and Magnetism.

As you embody and experience the Expansive Nectar of the Cosmos, you embody next level BLISS vibes in all aspects of your world.

Designed & Created

for LIGHT LEADERS who are

Ready for the next level of the Cosmic Game.

Brittany Gordien


"Samantha is a cosmic superhero goddess that will change your life!!

From the moment I first connected with her, my vibration was elevated with sparkly goodness and bliss! Her authenticity, joy and light radiates juicy positivity through all she does... and her depth of knowledge on all levels of mind, body, metaphysical, spiritual, money and more is beyond anyone I've EVER met!  Being in her sacred container will immediately expand you - her energy is infectious.  She's helped me heal deep core wounds from this lifetime and beyond. 

Her intuitive downloads and insights are like having a direct link to your Highest Self.

She's been hand-lifting me up, when I couldn't see the light or feel my power.  She's ALWAYS there for you with words of wisdom, clarity and expansion.  My business increased by over 25% in our first month together and I've had my best days and weeks in business by thousands of dollars. 

My relationships have harmonized in significant ways and my body is feeling lighter than ever.  Samantha continues to be such a light and gift to me.  Knowing, connecting and working with you has inspired me beyond what words can communicate. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I love you SOULLLL MUCH!

- Brittany Gordien

Unlock the Magic of Your Soul

Lotus Heart Key Code Activations

Through BodyTalk, Accunect, Sacred Alchemy Light Codes and Star Being Guides, we TUNE IN to allow your Highest Frequency capacity for Unconditional LOVE to be Experienced and Expressed.

Your Heart Resonance is what connects you to the people in your world.

Sacred Sexuality

Understanding your Unique Energy Body, your love language and your Venus Sequence in your Gene Keys gives you deeper insight into what truly turns you on.

As you become more and more aligned with your own UNIQUE SOUL, sexuality bliss vibes organically take on a life of their own. The more embodied you become, the higher vibrational sacred sexuality and sensuality you experience.

Money Manifestation

Money is a unique vibration.  Many of us carry old money stories that are no longer serving our current world reality.  By taking time to clear away and release the stories that no longer serve us, we begin to create a brand new relationship with money.

By seeing money as a close ally, our connection as well as our emotions around money begin to shift.  We find ourselves having a far more JOYOUS relationship with money in our lives as we peel away the ancestral programs and old money paradigms.

Soul Genius

Each unique being has incredible SOUL GIFTS tucked away deep inside. 

As we work together to peel away the layers of the non-self, the Divine Self begins to come forth and hidden soul gifts begin to shine.

You may begin to experience that you are far more intuitive and in touch with the Universe than you ever have been before.

~ A LOVE note from
Dr. Amron Bevels ~

Amron is one of my very favorite clients.

She went from $300 sessions to $30,000 clients.

Seeing her transform has been a dream come true.  She was 100% committed to her journey from the very beginning, and it truly shows in her level of transformation. 

She courageously takes her women leader clients to their personal next level, and it is such a JOY to experience all the sparkly vibes.  Soul loving you, Amron! 


The Quantum Oracle Journey


Our intimate journey begins

with you truly being able to see YOU.

Through Gene Keys, Human Design and an in-depth look into Astrology, we'll be able to peel away the layers of the non-self, to create space for the authentic self to flow through. 

As we craft and design systems to remind you of your true self, you begin to vibrate at a Higher Vibrational Speed, which allows all that you are desiring to manifest to speed into your vortex soul much faster.  Together we'll be using:

✧ Lotus Light Codes

✧ DNA Activations

✧ BodyTalk

✧ Accunect

✧ Karuna Reiki

✧ Theta Healing

As well as other healing modalities to support you on your

fast track to transformation and ascension.

The Oracle

The ORACLE Codes. 

8 Sacred Modules ~

A Portal Deeper into YOU.


Your Vision is what creates worlds. 

It's what creates the experience of your current reality.  When we observe our world in a specific way, we change the way the hologram of the Universe responds to us.

By taking time to examine our minds, we stretch our imagination and begin to reveal to ourselves our TRUE VISION. Together we'll explore the depths of vision, how you see yourself, others, the world, your business, your purpose, prosperity and beyond.

Change the way you see the world,

change your LIFE.


Dream. Sparkle. Create. 

Your Vision is the map for your Universe.  When you are CLEAR on your vision, you're clear on your personal alignment. Using Energy Medicine Techniques, we'll fine-tune your capacity to use your Vision to CREATE.

Getting clear on what authentically lights you up, versus what secretly turns you off, supports you in gaining speed and momentum in what you are creating and experiencing.


Your Vibe is everything.

What you embody on an energetic level is the experience of the world that you vibrate into your Universe.  Using Lotus and Diamond Key Code Initiations, we AWAKEN new Light Code Frequencies to support you in fine-tuning the Light Frequency and quality of your vibration.

This enhances the QUALITY of colors in your aura as well as the 'connection' vibe people feel when they are around you. Using your VIBE to manifest and create speeds up the amount of BLISS chemistry you feel in your every day world.


Sacred Morning and Evening Rituals prep and prepare your Light Body.  Together we'll design the most gorgeous routines that will elevate your consciousness.

Rituals will shift and adjust to acclimate to your current level of embodiment.  You are always stretching and growing, and new tools are needed as you to continue to entertain your Spirit and your Soul Growth journey.


Your PHYSICAL, MENTAL, Emotional and Spiritual bodies are your Personal Tools for Enlightenment.

Your body is always speaking to you and guiding you in the direction that is for your Personal HIGHEST Actualization.


Together, we'll tune into the consciousness of the organs, endocrines, nervous system, immune system to have a better understanding of what are the deepest messages that your BODY has been communicating with you.


When you are SOUL Aligned, you become powerfully magnetic.

Magnetic to the right people, the right circumstances, the right opportunities.  You more easily stay in your FLOW State, where the things that you've been dreaming of just find their way to you and vibe into your world.

The Yin and the Yang.  The Femme and the Masculine.  The Problem and the Solution.  Magnetism is created when we are clear about these specific principles designed in the Universe. 

When we are CLEAR about these unique Universal Wisdoms, we fine-tune our frequencies so that the right pieces simply come together.  Through daily practice, we develop the capacity to harness our energetic magnetic superhero abilities.


What is the Energetic Imprint you want to leave with the world? What incredible treasures are you leaving for the next generation?  

What is the level of IMPACT that you want to create on the planet?


YOU as a SPIRIT are designed to stretch and expand.  Tuning into this level of DEPTH and growth brings an incredible new layer of JOY into your experience of the world.


You Are the Oracle.

You have always been the Oracle.  You are FREE to create your own incredible Universe!  Now you are SEEING more clearly how you have been the director of your own personal movie you call 'Life'.

The Celebration of this NEXT LEVEL Activation brings you an entirely new level of Self Empowerment, Self Realization, Self Bliss Activations and so much more.  At this point you begin to see how the entire Universe is singing and dancing with you.

When your cup is full and your Life is filled with Cosmic Light, you always feel supported and connected to All That Is and Beyond.  The intention and meaning behind 'being human' and 'being alive' has entirely new layers of power, magic and meaning.

Samantha Blossom
Let the Journey Begin

6 Month Journey payment plan

$15,555 per month

  • 3 Energy Medicine Sessions per month
  • 3 Business, Soul Expansion, Wealth Creation Strategy Sessions per month
  • Includes online programs The Oracle Codes, SPARKLE Academy, The Money Codes, INTIMACY, Soulit HUB.
  • Text/Email/Voxer Support M-F (48 hour response time 9am-5pm PST)
  • BONUS: 2 VIP Mastermind Day in person or on ZOOM
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6 Month Journey pay in full

$80,000 pay in full

(SAVE $13,330)

  • 3 Energy Medicine Sessions per month
  • 3 Business, Soul Expansion, Wealth Creation Strategy Sessions per month
  • Includes online programs The Oracle Codes, SPARKLE Academy, The Money Codes, INTIMACY, Soulit HUB.
  • Text/Email/Voxer Support M-F (48 hour response time 9am-5pm PST)
  • BONUS: 2 VIP Days in person or on ZOOM
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Your Desires are the Universe Speaking to You.

You get to live your best life NOW.