The Money Codes.

Is it Time for you to Quantum Leap into a brand New Money World Paradigm?

Take me to my New Money World!

sacred money • flows into your world with ease

Something deep in you is clearly telling you that by healing and re-creating your connection and relationship to money, everything in your world will change.

That little voice inside is CERTAIN that by clearing away that sinking sensation that you wake up with when you find out there's not enough money would absolutely change your world and reality because your decisions would come from strength and clarity rather than panic or strategizing to get by.

You know you are truly ready to never again feel confused, dizzy or tired of making inauthentic decisions because of old pestering beliefs of lack or scarcity.

And you're ready to completely eliminate the heavy uncomfortable feelings of 'never enough' even when perhaps you already have plenty in the bank, but there is always this looming fear of 'what if new money doesn't come in or it doesn't come in fast enough?

I know your dreams and your vision matter and I know how much energy will free up for you when you no longer have these heavy emotions holding you back.

I believe your dreams matter. I KNOW that YOU matter (most likely more than you'll ever be able to fully comprehend). I am CERTAIN that you are here to experience so much more abundance, love, life, and creativity in the world in this lifetime and as soon as possible. I trust that you were designed to experience magical days, not just some days, but every day. AND I am so CLEAR, that the entire world will benefit from YOU creating massive wealth. You would only be here if you had an incredible heart and have so much love you want to share even more awesome creations with the world. If this is you, I am so happy that we've found each other. And I am incredibly honored to get to do this very deep work together. Our Spirit's have a sacred contract to work together and I am so excited to fulfill this agreement together, for us and for the collective. 

May the Wealth Codes be activated within you and may you be fully set free to create what you were born to create.



Designed to activate one chakra per week so you can awaken your Rainbow Light Body + experience true wealth inside and out. Release lifetimes of vows of lack and limitation that is holding you back from experiencing your highest expression.

Using powerful energy medicine techniques to bring you back to your most optimal energetic harmony. With the combined powers of BodyTalk, EFT, Karuna Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, and Soul Discovery Journaling, you can expect fast transformation on all levels of your being. If you are ready to commit to the magic, this new world is available to you.

BodyTalk Energy Medicine

Using BodyTalk Energy Medicine we can tune into the Innate Wisdom of our bodies. This powerful modality can support us in releasing lifetimes of ancestral money karma that is no longer serving us, so that we can pave the way and step into the brand new money paradigm that we are creating together as Creator Beings. 

Up-Vibing Your Chakras

Your 7 Chakras hold the key to your energetics as well as to your Wealth, Riches + Success. By optimizing the flow of the color, frequency and sound vibrations within your Chakra system, we can dissolve old money paradigms, patterns and programs so that you can fully express a New more Authentic You.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient technology that is one of the post powerful yogas on the planet at this time. Through Kriyas (a series of movement), Mantras and Meditation we will recode the sound vibration running through our energy field so that we can programmed to radiate health, wealth, love and our Highest Divine Essence.

Tap into Wealth (EFT)

Through emotional freedom techniques tapping, we will powerfully move through energy blocks that have been stored in our Chakra System, Meridian System and Energy field for far too long. We'll learn how Vows are Super Beliefs that we pick up during our childhood and we may have stuck Money Vows that are holding us back from our True Success. 

New Awareness + Expression

Through deep self inquiry we will reveal to our own consciousness what our operating system has been around Money. Many of us have been secretly allergic to money or have operating systems that have been repelling abundance, wealth and money without our knowing. Through in depth journaling work we will dig up and release old thought programs that are no longer serving our Highest Expression + Essence. 

Vision + New Money Light Code Activations

Awakening the Imagination, we are reminded that we are here on the planet for the Cosmic Play. Our greatest desire is to co-create with all of life. Light Code Activations will restore us of our authentic energy vibration and remind us that there is an abundance of love, light and energy all around us. The power to create more money lives inside of us and is not controlled by some external force. This is a Remembering of your Divine High Holy Essence. 

You Blossom into You.

Through Money work, we allow ourselves the FREEDOM to CREATE again. This is YOUR TIME. Your time to create change and impact on the planet. Your Soul has been calling you, edging you forward.. and it's so much simpler than you know. We just need to clear away the old clutter + rubbish so that the Authentic Creative Bold Powerful You can Arise.

Imagine Your New World...

What would you do if you had all the money, all the time and felt all the love in the world? What does your picture perfect day look like and feel like? What would you share with others when you had the resources you have been dreaming of? At what level would you be able to fully show up and be present for yourself and for others? You know you deserve this. It's for you and for the people around you. Your Divine Power is inside waiting to be unlocked. Are you ready?

what you'll receive

• 7 powerful BodyTalk Sessions on Video (Write out clear intentions before each video and the session will work with your unique mindset in the moment)
• 7 Tap into Wealth Videos (emotional freedom techniques to clear away old money mindset patterns)
• 7 Kundalini Yoga Videos with energy activations included
• deep chakra work
• Each week you will focus on one chakra (You will have access to one chakra per week to keep you integrated with the work.)

levels we will be working on together:

• Healing Ancestral Money Beliefs
• Clearing away past life money stories
• Dissolving Childhood Money Wounds
• Releasing Money trauma, drama + money allergies
• Clearing Collective Consciousness Views of Money
• Re-Creating + Re-Designing Your Money World
• Creating + Designing Your New Money World, New Money Views, and New Money Relationship

Take me to my New Money World!

I am ready to design + create a brand new relationship with Money Consciousness and download the New Money Codes.

3 month payment plan option

Water is Life. Water is Joy.

One person will receive Water for Life when you Invest in Yourself. While you grow, you support someone else in growing with you. <3

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see you on the inside...


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