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meet samantha


Playfulness, joy, laughter, creating beautiful experiences that become incredible memories. It took me 22+ years to figure out that that is the meaning of life. My purpose is to help you remember and experience this incredible sense of joy in your own lives. Tapping into your authentic happiness is the key to revealing your passion and life purpose. In order for the world to be whole and actualize its fullest expression, we need every piece of the puzzle sharing his or her brilliance. The world needs you. Your sparkle is essential for world joy! 

my story

The first spark of connecting to my soul purpose began from a very young age. One of my first memories was when I was 3 years old where I had this strong thought, "Remember why you're here Samantha. Don't forget this time."  This feeling inside of me was so strong that I grew up determined to discover the meaning of this powerful internal message. I reflected on it often with no real answers for many years of my life. It wasn't until I hit my mid twenties that I suddenly and finally had a shift of internal awareness. 

Always being intrigued with innovative and natural healing, I experienced my first mini miracle when I had severe allergies in elementary school (third grade). I had tried the western medicine route with no success and actually went from being allergic to 40 things and expanding to 80 different things within a year of treatment! Horrible! Shots every week as a young child was less than pleasant.

Luckily, my grandmother, tired of seeing me suffer, took me to an herb doctor in Taiwan and all of my symptoms completely went away in a month! I went from itchy eyes, having trouble breathing, feeling sad all the time and using a box of tissue a day to absolutely no symptoms at all in a month. "What is this magic?" I thought to myself? That curiosity was the kick off to a lifetime of healing adventures.

 Inspired to venture forward with the natural medicine route, I started out my studies with a degree in Biochemistry from Whittier College in Los Angeles, CA. I'm so happy I chose this route because as I continued my studies in energy medicine, I realized that this understanding of biochem gave me the science background that I needed to understand energy on an in depth level. After college, with a little nudge from my mother, I found myself studying acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine in Shanghai, China at Shanghai’s University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the 4 main TCM Universities in China. After experiencing some anxiety with exam taking in Chinese as well as dealing with being on my own in a foreign country, I found myself drawn to a well-known hypnotherapist in Taipei, Taiwan. 

 After 6 sessions of hypnosis with this wonderful healing master is where a lot of the magic started for me. It was as if my whole life I had been searching for something and always getting close but blocked from really feeling or seeing it, and then suddenly the answers inside of me just opened up! I had my first remembering and awakening experience of my real soul purpose, and it was literally the most joy that I had ever experienced.

 From that point on, I began an in depth practice of mantras from some of my favorite Tibetan monks. Once I had this sparkle moment of awakening and remembering my true self, I was so excited that I was happily dedicated and committed to my personal growth. The Universe then rapidly guided me to several extraordinary teachers from around the world.

 Shortly after the hypnosis experience, I started my studies with Master Gong, a famous 87 year old (87 at the time :P) Qi Gong Master and Acupuncture Master who taught a unique way of seeing energy meridian patterns as well as a unique style of acupuncture. This man was incredible! He was still riding his bike in his eighties and seeing sometimes 80 clients a day! Remarkable! 

Then one of the biggest gifs stumbled into my life....Emotional Freedom Techniques with Michelle Hardwick. After even just Level I training, I had so many personal profound shifts it was incredible. I may have cried for a few months with this tool, lost a lot of weight, cleared up a bunch of acne on my face, chest and back... and other amazing stuff. When releasing blocked emotions, healing can happen so rapidly!!

Soon Jiro Goh came into my life and taught me the huge loving energetic forces of the Universe and I was able to feel and experience energy in an even more tangible way. I was literally able to feel my chakras and internally understood the power of Sound Healing.

Reiki came to me through Colleen Benelli andWilliam Lee Rand where I felt totally reconnected to my inner eye. Reiki energy was shown to me as a pure rainbow light. Yay! I continue to practice and teach the beautiful art of Reiki to all who are ready to activate their own self- actualization process.

Studying Bowen Therapy with Australian teachers Col Murray and Lisa Black from ISBT-BowenTherapy gave me insights into the energetics and the important role of the fascia. Just working on this one piece can create superb miracles and lots of wonderful realignment & adjustments for the body!

Shortly after my adventures in Shanghai, China, I returned to my hometown of Vancouver, WA & Portland, OR where I began my exploration and learning of BodyTalk and Accunect. When the Cosmos guided me to these two modalities it was pure magic. Every single thing that I had learned was available within these two modalities. It was like a total dream that I had no idea even existed! These are the two main modalities of whole being consciousness health care that I currently use in private sessions and I heart these modalities so much! I feel like they both tie together everything that I've learned and package it all up into one simple modality. 

The process of self development is a continuous awakening process. We have so many layers that continue to keep opening up. It's so much fun to know that there are so many modalities, teachers and healing facilitators that support us in deep diving and getting to know ourselves and our Spirit on an even more conscious level.

May this story inspire you to re-awaken to your own inner Source of Joy & Knowledge!

the vision

If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.

- Steve Jobs  

I love this quote. I feel like I wake up in the morning and my vision is what pulls me. This strong & beautiful vision guides me on my daily choices. It took me years to reveal to myself what my deepest passion in life is, and I am so excited that it can all finally be summed up in one sentence. "Free the People." That sounds so cliche, but in my deepest core...that is my mission.

I want people to experience their true authentic selves and feel free to just "be" their most brilliant selves all the time, any time. We're not talking about perfection here, we're talking about genuine, free expression and the ability to be in sync and in the flow with the Universe. Having a consistent flow and feeling of presence running throughout your veins & energy system, now that's real living! 

In my consciousness there is this deep inner knowing and understanding that the core of each individual is a brilliant bright light rainbow of incredible goodness. Not only is it goodness, but it is pure brilliance. The unique intelligence that is contained within each individual is magnificent & phenomenal. We are only beginning to tap into the possibilities of the human potential, yet most people lack the awareness, knowledge or tools to bring out their deep soul gifts & talents simply because it has never been brought to their attention. A very basic piece of this vision is to share and bring awareness to these wonderful keys & tools that luckily already exist! Who knew that having a fun and relaxing session could unlock so many hidden soul gifts? Now we just need to build momentum on getting the word out to the rest of the people!

I am so excited for the day when our society will restructure itself to allow for the brilliance of each individual to be cultivated, revealed, and expressed rather than bottled up and suppressed. It is only with each of us living highly charged lives, that we may as a collective experience Heaven on Earth for not just one but for ALL.


Note: Remember, when a single individual is living their authentic purpose, it inspires & gives all of the people around them permission to do the same. 


With this incredible vision, I intend to hold the space for each individual to have access to powerful life changing & life transformational tools such as meditation, yoga, Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping), BodyTalk, Accunect, Reiki, Hypnosis, Network Chiropractic, Craniosacral Therapy, Bowen Therapy, Angel Therapy and all of the other beautiful forms of natural healing the world has to offer. I also would love for all people to have access to wonderful speakers and healers from around the world such as Brendon Burchard, Esther Hicks, Bashar and other powerful thought leader speakers. I see and hold the space for all of these wonderful tools and incredible high energy beings to be infiltrated in the school systems, in people's homes, in offices & work spaces, in hospitals, in retirement homes, in the prison systems and reaching all people in all countries to create a thriving collective society of loving people experiencing & expressing Oneness.

 As each person empowers themselves with the tools & technologies they need for deep transformational healing, they begin to gently unravel and peel away the layers of hurt, heart break, pain, suffering, years of suppressed emotions, years of enduring mistreatment and all of those other tougher life experiences. Of course this takes continuous effort, patience, practice and love, so much love, but when we all work on this together as a whole collective, the process can be very relaxing, fun, and freeing.

When people experience these powerful tools, they begin to have sudden bursts of awareness of the direction that their life is moving and why their life is going towards that direction. They naturally begin to have a new sense of clarity in their lives. Rather than being victims to their subconscious minds, their pasts, the habitual programming that the energy in their field has been running, and the charge on their emotional fields, people have the opportunity to create a new and different choice that leads them in a new direction, a more fun and playful direction that is more fulfilling and on purpose.

Oftentimes, people will have sudden "aha" moments, and on their own begin to find creative solutions to their problems and issues. Other times, people will experience physical pain and symptoms simply dissolve on their own as they begin to have more awareness of their thought patterns, their life programming, and their soul purpose. 

As we take the time to peel away the layers of caked up mud and dirt from the past, we start to have glimmers and access to the inner brilliance & sparkle. Then as a collective, we can start to access higher dimensions of reality. Eventually, we can get to the point where we can access the full human potential. And oh what a joyous day that will be! Even if we just chip away on this project a little bit at a time, we'll see and experience so many beautiful miracles in our daily lives. Miracles are a natural process of the Universe. When we are so connected, we return to a state where miracles are the norm.  

this vision holds the space for people to be FREE on all levels:

  • feeling FREE + Vibrant in their bodies
  • feeling emotionally FREE to fully express themselves
  • FREE from outdated thought patterns and thought programs
  • freedom from their old life stories 
  • financial freedom and access to all of the resources they need to live on purpose
  • FREE to feel fully comfortable in your own skin
  • FREE to see beauty, harmony and love in all experiences + people
  • FREE to fully live out your dream + purpose
  • FREE to be a fully engaged human being on all levels
  • FREE to have fully activated 5 senses that show you the beauty of the world
  • freedom to fully communicate
  • freedom to cultivate your soul gifts
  • free to feel connection to all people regardless of social status, race, wealth status etc... free to feel the vibrational connection of oneness


freeing people so that ALL have knowledge & access to a high vibrational lifestyle and way of being...

  • Empower people with the tools and understanding of how to deliberately create the life of their dreams
  • Gift people with the ability to connect so deeply to their passion that every day feels like an adventure
  • Live full vibrant lives with clear positive intentions that stream out to the rest of society
  • Have a streaming flow of financial abundance to always have the resources to actualize their authentic dreams
  • Feel comfortable with being creative in all areas of their lives
  • Have the resources to experience the world and go on vacations that teach the soul priceless pearls of wisdom, internal experiences required for soul growth and much more
  • Have a clear understanding of how to be supportive of humankind in their thoughts, words, body language and interactions
  • Intimate communication & heart opening conversations
  • Bravery to be their fullest most engages and complete selves


May my story and my wild expansive vision inspire you to be your truest bestest most awesome incredible self! because why not? :) we're all here to be a part of the Cosmic Play.. the big game of the Universe.. why not express all of our Soul Gifts?.. Dream Big.. Play To Our Fullest... and just go for it! I would so love to hear about how you are directing the movie of your life... enjoying all the sweetness of life while impacting all of the magical people around you... may you always see Life as the magnificent adventure that it is... can't wait to meet you!



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