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🗝️ Having a fat savings account is a really sexy thing.

It doesn’t create itself though.

🔥 It’s created from desire.

You have to want it and ask for it in order for it to exist. And when you have yummy thoughts about it then it decides it wants to be there and it decides to stay.

Simply feel so good with money just sitting there and being there. Feel your full body relaxing into this.

By dissolving the pressures around saving, we open ourselves up to deeper self love and see the true codes of abundance that are weaved throughout all of the universe and all of creation.



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What People Are Saying:

Thank you Samantha for sharing such rich content! This program has been such a gift! Your excellent guidance has helped me navigate my previous programs around money. Now I'm ready and open for financial abundance!!!

Jessie Weyrauch

Samantha has been a tremendous coach for me over the past 6 months. She is phenomenal in ALL of the ways. An ever-positive light being element in my life. I got through so many powerful breakthroughs with Samantha. I’ve made the most money I’ve ever made in a very short period of time. In one week, I made $30K which was the most I’ve made in my business in 8 years… and that’s just the beginning. My energetic up-leveling has just continued to rise, and rise, and rise with Samantha. It’s phenomenal working with her, I just can’t plug it enough.

Amron Bevels

Samantha is a cosmic superhero goddess that will change your life! From the moment I first connected with her, my vibration was elevated with sparkly goodness and bliss! Her authenticity, joy and light radiates juicy positivity through all she does, and her depth of knowledge on all levels of mind, body, metaphysical, spiritual, money and more is beyond anyone I've EVER met! My relationships have harmonized in significant ways and my body is feeling lighter than ever. Samantha continues to be such a light and gift to me. Knowing, connecting and working with you has inspired me beyond what words can communicate.

Brittany Gordien