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What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is WholehealthCare which means it seeks to address the entire person. We look at organs, endocrines, blood flow, lymph flow, nervous system flow, meridian flow, the chakra system, you name it! Through light muscle testing and asking the body a series of the right questions, we check to see how all of those different parts of you are communicating, dancing and flowing with each other. We even look to see if there are some environmental factors that might be slowing down your energy flow. (What does that mean? Example... Let's say.. you get nervous every time you see a big bill, or... a $100 bill... or... your new potential love. Those are environmental factors that could be creating a stress response in your system. And what does stress do? It constricts your muscles and slows down your energy flow :( ... and that's a big no no in wellbeing!)


With BodyTalk, our main goal is to create harmony. We want you to flow with the Universe and allow the Universe to assist you on you daily life adventure!

Still not sure what BodyTalk is?


It's a very beautiful & gentle modality which allows the body to be so relaxed, that the body can tell us the story! Isn't that great? The body has been bottling up and stuffing down emotions for years and years... until the energetics of the emotions keep piling up and there's no where for it to go. At that point, the only thing the body can do is get really congested and start to create "symptoms" and signals letting us know... "Hey! We need some help in here!" The body has no way of speaking English, or any other language to us, other than... symptom language. Our bodies are simply wanting to let us know that there is a breakdown in communication inside, and that it needs to be addressed... and that it needs to be taken care of fast!


Once we highlight all of the different parts the body is seeking to have addressed, we come up with a BodyTalk Formula. In each session, we normally have around 3-5 formulas depending on the length of your session. After highlighting this formula, we signal to the body through light & gentle tapping on the head and the heart. We tap on the head to allow the brain to see that a change needs to be made in the system, and we tap on the heart to save the change in the "hard drive".  


Then we watch the magic occur! :) 



After your session, we usually allow your body to have around ten minutes on its own to process and download. Sometimes there are so many changes that happen in the body, that it needs this extra few minutes of rest to really implement all of the changes. 

Processing Time...

Since often people have such profound changes after a BodyTalk session, there will be times when it will take a few days or a few weeks for your BodyTalk Formula to process. Your body is highly intelligent and it knows the amount of time that it needs to be able to make the changes that it needs to make for you in a way that will feel gentle and natural for you.

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