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What happens when you receive consistent BodyTalk sessions?

#bodytalk Apr 28, 2019

1) your body becomes more intelligent. It learns how to process and digest emotions faster

2) the lines of communication that have been broken within your body can heal and repair... for instance... if your heart is not talking to your kidneys... your heart can become too fiery and overheat... causing you to think too much and not be able to sleep... when the heart Fire isn’t teaching the kidneys... this can cause you to be in a state of frozen paralysis... this is why getting your heart and kidney communication lines going is super important

3) you become more intuitive to what is happening in your own life and you have a clearer internal navigational system

4) you’re way more tuned in and connected to your Spirit and the flow and rhythm of life...

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The Power in Clearing your Five Senses (Touch. Taste. Smell. Hearing. Sight.)

#bodytalk #clearing Apr 27, 2019

Your senses are how you tune in and connect to the world. If you had a negative experience over and over again from one of your senses you may benefit from a BodyTalk session.


Let’s say you grew up and had an adult yell at you often or speak negatively.... the sound vibration from that experience may be trapped in your sense of hearing. Instead of hearing what someone is actually saying, you may be hearing worst possible case etc.

With BodyTalk we can clear away sound vibrations, active memories and beliefs that may be connected to your sense of hearing.

Let’s say you saw your parents fighting a lot.... or maybe you saw some horrible accident... those images may be trapped in your eyes.... this means that when you see something... there are filters over your eyes that take away from you seeing what is real... and you’re seeing things with a negative lens...

With BodyTalk we can clear away and support you body in digesting our...

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