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Why Attracting Energy Rich Clients will Boost up your Business.

Energy rich clients are those high vibrational clients that nourish you and nourish the system you're creating.

It's the clients that the moment you see them, you feel so happy, high and so light inside. They feel the same way when they see you. You may be working on dark or heavy topics/ emotions together, but it feels like a fun and uplifting game that you're collaboratively working through. It feels more like friends connecting and high vibing each other than it feels like work.

It's really an energy thing.

Incredible energy + Awesome energy = out of this world energy.

That's what happens when you are working with your most incredible dream client. A chemical reaction of awesomeness occurs.

When your client base is filled with these energy rich clients, you'll start to see that the entire vortex of energy of your business matrix starts to rise. Your clients start to get better faster and the rest of the clients entrain to the highest vibrational client in your client group. This is why sometimes if you know of someone very amazing, as in you are just so positive that this person is a highly conscious being, it's great to offer free sessions for them to boost up the whole energy field of your client matrix.

Your business matrix is an energy field and people want to be around and buzz around high vibrational more conscious energy fields. People are so intuitive that they will naturally gravitate towards it. They just have an internal knowing that it's an energy rich field for them to tap into and connect with.

When we accept too many clients that don't bring us happiness or joy, we can start to bring down the energy field of our business.

If you're like me or many of my clients, we're so heart open and accepting that sometimes we want to work with everyone, even when it stretches us too thin. 

It's the client that always asks for trades, but doesn't always give the same quality of trade. The client that can't pay the price that we're asking for, or the client that is working on something that isn't really aligned to our mission or our soul purpose, but we think, "Well, I really need the income or I really want to help this person." So we betray ourselves a little bit and over extend ourselves a tiny bit and still take on the client. Over time, our energy starts to leak and it happens so slowly that we don't even realize it. After awhile, we're serving someone at a fraction of what we're valued, and over time, we run out of energy to serve the people that do want to pay us our full price.

Have you ever betrayed your own values and pricing to accommodate someone else?

How did you feel over time when working with this client and how did it make you feel about yourself and your offers?





Energy Rich Clients Are:

  • Clients who are ready to do the work. You give them a homework assignment, and they are ready to take action right away.
  • You both feel lit up around each other.
  • They are aligned to your Soul Purpose + mission
  • You both feel uplifted after a session together

What are ways to attract even more energy rich clients?

Clarity = Power

When you are crystal clear around the types of clients you want to attract, you send the Universe a super clear signal of who you want to serve and at what level. 

Questions to ask yourself:

1.) What is my mission?

Example: My mission is to serve leaders, speakers, authors, the change makers of the planet. Business owners that are doing good things for either people or the planet. This way, when I am working with one individual, that energy and work gets transferred to their community so I can create a faster and a larger ripple effect.

2.) Do my clients energetically contribute to my bigger purpose and my bigger mission?

3.) What are my favorite clients to work with? You can make a list here of current people you work with. List out their qualities.

Then you write a letter to the Cosmos.

Dear Cosmos,

I would love to receive these types of energy rich clients. I want to feel like __________ and __________ when I work with my client. I want my client to be able to have super fast results such as _______________. I want to have really fast results.

Thank you for supporting me on this vision, this purpose and this mission. May all of this happen as fast as possible for the highest good of all.

Next Question...

How do you serve people who are not your ideal client now or not yet ready to be your client? 

You can design your business model to have space to serve anyone and everyone that comes in your atmosphere. Having a more affordable monthly membership perhaps at $29/month, or a webinar that is $99/month can support your clients in learning some of the tools and techniques that you share. By supporting them in learning and growing, you can eventually support them into the space where it's appropriate for them to work with you.

Another option is to always have a list of incredible people that you can refer the people that you can't work with to. Other practitioners are super grateful for this and perhaps someone else will be the perfect fit for this client.

Yay! Sending you lots of love on your adventure in finding more awesome clients.


Sending so much abundance and many blessings your way. The planet is filled with more than enough of everything that you can imagine. Just remember to ask and you shall receive!

xoxo! :)

Samantha Blossom







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